Amazon Fire TV

How To Control Your Fire TV With Alexa And Amazon Echo?

If you are owning the fire TV on your side, then you should be aware that it is quite easy to power up your TV with Amazon’s Alexa and echo.

Amazon has traveled a long way from its easy delivery service from the starting. Now, the e-commerce giant has entered into our house with the classy fire TV streaming device and the fine Echo speaker. But it is actually the Alexa artificial intelligence that is making a spatter and practically establishing itself as the extra member of the family.

Well, you must be aware that it is quite simple to control the echo with the voice alone, all thanks to the digital assistant, Alexa. With her smart home skills, you can easily power up all your activities by using the voice control interface around the digs too. Plus the fire tv stick and fire tv can also be powered by using the Alexa so that you can easily perform the smart searches and all the other activities.

But what about powering the fire tv with echo? Well, the latest update of fire tv stick getting enabled with the Alexa has made the task very easy to power the interface of the fire tv or any other TV set in a more simplified way. Still, if you are one of those users who doesn’t owe the latest fire tv stick, then here is the workaround to help you to power your fire tv easily.

Since the time fire tv stick and fire tv has got the Alexa built-in, the use of the echo has been quite unnecessary to control them. However, there are many situations where it could be very useful. If you have started up listening to the music on the echo speaker, then it would be great to say “Play on fire tv”, so that when you go to your next room the music will be still in the playing mode.

Powering Fire Tv By Using Echo

It is really possible to power your fire tv by using your echo speaker if you are willing to power. It is actually done by simply tricking the echo by renaming the files and using IFTTT.

This way of doing is very nice but quite complicated though. Necessarily you will need to setup a host of triggers and actions that will lead you to the final results. While the setup seems quite tough, the actual result appears to be very simple.

Crucially this whole process involves the renaming of the MP3 file data, to trick the Alexa for saying what you are willing to say it and also carrying out all the actions you required.

Powering Fire Tv By Using Alexa

Now that Amazon has added up the Alexa voice controls to the fire tv stick and fire tv, it’s getting much simpler to have a conversation with them directly with voice controls. For this, you will require microphone-touting remote, which comes with the old fire tv box or the new fire TV stick, freshly being launched in the UK.

Don’t have the remote? Don’t have to worry. The dynamic Alexa support has been built into the fire tv remote control app, which can be download from Google play store or App store. Just update your fire Tv and download the app and there you will have the full Alexa voice support.