Hulu Activate

How Do You Create Family Members Profile With The Primary Hulu Account?

Now, you can create a personal profile on Hulu app with the help of primary Hulu account. This has been possible after changed policies and regulations of Hulu Company.

You can create half a dozen of Profiles with your sign in account. Each profile will have its own recommendations and preferences depending on the search history. You can access the programs, serials of your choice after creating the independent profile. You can manually add any episode, movie on the wish list, which you want to watch later.

Moreover, your kids can enjoy small movies on the TV and parents can also restrict the contents on their profile which are strictly prohibited for children and meant for adults. Now, we are going to shed light on Hulu activate features.

Know About Hulu Features

Hulu Tv is a streaming app from which you can watch high definition videos, programs and movies with or without paying the subscription charges. If you want to watch the high-quality full-length movie, then you need to pay $8 for it. Moreover, if you want to enjoy ad-free shows, then just pay $4 extra for a monthly subscription. If you want to enjoy a movie on more than one profile with the same device, then it is not possible but you can do so with the help of multiple devices. In such case, you require only one Hulu Plus account.

What are Hulu profiles?

When you create your own personal profile, then the chances of interference from your family members are rare. You can watch your programs without any problem and disturbance with the help of activate. You will have your own watch list and preferences. There will be no recommendations from other family profiles on your profile. If you want to manage the profile, then you need to go to ‘Hulu manage devices’ section from your Hulu account page.

How Kids Profile Work?

A child can create his/her own profile but under some parental controls. All the explicit and adultery contents will remain locked on this profile and parents can even lock other contents as well. A child cannot resume the barred service on his own until his parent resumes it by applying the Hulu activate code.

Process To Create  A Hulu Profile

We want to mention again that you can create as many as 6 profiles with the single account. Hulu is now updating its policy and planning to add more profiles to an individual account. To do any changes in the secondary profile, you need to log onto slash activate link and open the primary Hulu account. All the recommendations and watch history of different profiles will remain hidden on the main account.

The first step to create a new profile on your account is; open the ‘Account’ page and tap on the profile name given on the right corner of the screen. Click to open the drop-down menu. Here you will see the list of profiles, which are already created and the remaining profiles which have not been created yet. If you want to do any changes in the existing profile, then go to ‘Edit’ section and click on the profile which you want to edit. If you find any problem in changing the existing profile, then you can take help from the Support link.

How To Swap Between Hulu Profiles?

If you want to go to another profile from your profile, then log on to link and then move onto account name. Here the list of all the profiles will get displayed on the screen. Click on any profile which you want to view on the screen. All the recommendations and search history of that particular profile will appear on the front screen.