How Can You Fix The HBO GO On Your Xbox One?


If you wish to stream the HBO GO on your Xbox one, but getting unwanted issues. Then, here are the facile steps to fix the issues for better streaming.

HBO Go ActivateAll HBO GO users, are you doing well with your subscribed HBO GO channel service? All the subscribed users of HBO GO channel service must be enjoying the classic original (current and past) TV shows and movies on HBO. But, if you are not a subscriber of the HBO GO channel, then you don’t have the right to access the HBO content. So, subscribe to the channel to watch out the all the current and past episodes of your favorite TV shows and movies. And if you just about to start your streaming experience with the channel, then head to HBO GO activate to activate the channel on your device in a proper manner.

In the growing competition, it’s getting tough for the HBO GO service to compete along with the astonishing streaming service, including Amazon Prime video, Netflix, Hulu, and much more. But, as the center audience for the HBO is its subscribers, that’s why there is not any worry factor for the company to maintain its audience at the global level.

For all the subscribers, the company has also added the app of the channel, which all the users can access by just downloading and installing the app on your smartphone, tablets, and other compatible gadgets. Once you installed the app on your device, you can easily access all your favorite TV shows and movies on the big screen.

In the list of compatible devices, if you are one of the Xbox users and getting issue while accessing the HBO GO channel, then here are the troubleshooting steps which can help you out:

1) Step 1- Check out the status of the Xbox Live service

HBOgo Com ACtivateThe first thing which you are required to do is to check out the status of the Xbox Live service and HBO GO on the page of Xbox Live Service status. To ensure everything is fine, just head to the Apps and check whether there is a problem with the HBO GO app or not.

2) Step 2- Quit and Restart the HBO GO

  • Firstly, head on to the HBO GO app and then press the Xbox button on the controller.
  • Now, with the highlighted HBO GO, you are required to press the Menu button on the controller. (Button would be in the shape of horizontal lines).
  • After pressing the Menu button, just head on to select the Quit
  • Now, just wait for around 10 seconds and unlock the HBO GO app after some time and check whether the problem is there or not.

3) Step 3- Restarting the Xbox One Console

  • Firstly, just head to the Home screen and then unlock the guide by scrolling to the left.
  • Now, head to select the Settings, and then Restart console
  • After the device has restarted, just head to unlock the HBO GO app and check out whether the bug is solved or not.

4) Step 4- Uninstalling and reinstalling the HBO GO

  • First of all head to the My games and apps
  • Now, you will require to highlight the HBO GO and then press the Menu button on the controller.
  • After the previous step, just head to select the Uninstall
  • Now, just head to the reinstalling of the app. For reinstalling, head to the Apps and then select HBO GO to download.
  • Lastly, just unlock the HBO GO app and check out whether the problem is still there or fixed.

If you still face any query with the whole process, then you can dial the HBO GO customer service number to get the better guidance and solutions. After solving the issue, you will be able to access the HBO GO channel service on your Xbox one console.