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Google Chromecast Now Chrome comes with in-built Google Cast

Chrome owners will be glad to know that for casting their content on their TV they won’t require Google cast extension as the browser will be coming with in-built Google cast extension which will let you cast your content with ease.

So ,Chromecast users are you enjoying casting on your big screen through Google cast. Those who are frequent chromecast users will be aware and who are new to chromecast for them let me tell you, Google cast is a phenomenal technology which is offered by Tech Giant Google to the chromecast users which let them cast their content from smartphones, tablets laptops after chromecast set up is done perfectly.

 Earlier, you required the Google Cast extension for Chrome which launched in July 2013 but as per Google now you don’t require this extension for casting your content. You will see the cast icon whenever you are on the site that supports it and you can cast anything through your chrome menu. Earlier, in March the Google Chromecast app was rebranded as Google Cast. Google clarified that the casting option is available to more than just Chromecast devices.

Further, when you browse websites that are supported with Cast. With a click, you will be able to view the website content on your TV or just listen to music on your speakers.

The cast has undergone a major transformation in these two years as it is now available on third-party hardware which includes speaker and TV in addition to Chromecast and Chromecast audio dongles. Now you will able to cast other apps as Google has integrated Hangouts with Google Cast. You can also cast the Cast for Education app which gives more options like multi-user settings like classrooms and virtual meetings. Google also integrated Hangouts with Google Cast.

Google started rolling out this built-in Cast option with Chrome 51 last month, but now it is available to all users with Chrome 52 and above.

Well, according to the support document Chrome lets you access Google Cast by just right clicking on the webpage. To get this function working make sure you have the latest version of Chrome on your computer.

Google also shared that casting from Chrome was even popular before this integrated built –in Chrome extension came and it accounted users have casted more than 38 million times. Users have watched and listened to more than 50 million hours. Moreover, with this integration numbers are expected to grow further as Chrome has a huge user base and now they have access to this Google cast without any further extension .However, if you are not able to use this feature than chromecast support is provided by Google.