Getting PB4 Hulu Error On Windows 10 And 8.1 OS Screen?

While accessing Hulu from windows 8.1 and 10 OS if you have ever come across a PB4 error, then there is a need to pay attention because you won’t be able to stream content anymore after getting this error code on the screen. More than hundreds of users have complained about this error code on their windows screen. They have tried to troubleshoot this code but didn’t get success.

From the last few weeks, we have been receiving continuous complaints from users in which they have said that they are getting a problem in streaming their favorite shows and movies due to PB4 error stuck on their screen. Today, we are going to share some suggestions with you in this regard. You must pay close attention to this post.

  • Hulu app not working on 10 OS: If Hulu app is not working properly on your 10 OS, then the steps must be taken to fix it.
  • Hulu plus PB4 error on windows 8: This error code mostly appears on windows 8 OS. To get rid of this issue, you must contact Hulu support.
  • Hulu windows error PB4 on 10 OS: This error occurs on Windows 10 OS due to non-performance of drivers in your system. To get rid of this, update or install the drivers properly.
  • Hulu plus not starting: To resolve this error, you need to delete the app and re-install the app from the app store.

According to latest reports and surveys, this problem has been mainly found out in Windows 8 and 8.1 OS.

1st solution: Update the system drivers: To get rid of PB4 and PB3 errors from your system, you need to check the update for your drivers and install them as early as possible. If there is some problem with the audio or video driver, then this will definitely fix the problem.

2nd solution: Edit windows registry: Most of the times, editing windows registry solve the Hulu error on 10 and 8 OS system. If your driver has old files registry within, then this may create a problem. For this, we recommend you to edit the registry manually. In case of further information and support, call at windows support. A team of experts will help in fixing the error.

3rd solution: Set the system audio as default audio output: This solution has been already verified by many users. In this solution, all you need to do is just bypass the HDMI output and set the computer speakers as default output speakers. This will solve the problem of audio. If more than 2 devices are connected in an instant, then there are chances of getting a PB4 error on Hulu. So, then output must be switched to internet speakers from external speakers.

4th solution: Re-install and reset the Hulu app: If the error code still not disappears from your computer screen, then the only way left out is to uninstall the Hulu app and re-install it again. The steps to uninstall the Hulu Activate app are quite simple. Go to settings and click on ‘Manage apps’. Here you will find Hulu app. Click on it and open the further settings. In case of any clarification or support, you can call at support number.  The steps to re-register on Hulu account are same.

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