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Complete Guide of the Best Apps and Channels of Apple TV of 2017

Apple TV is a wonderful device made specially for casting and streaming your favorite content on the big screen. This device directly plugs in to your TV and gives you access to all sorts of streaming services and channels. Along with it you can also play games, even shop, listen to music and that too directly on your TV. Like other products, there are Apple TV apps that allow you to watch, listen, and play various.

Because the website is all about streaming so we will focus on the best Apple TV video apps. We have come up some of the best services and channels of Apple TV that you should watch as you will get the best of content and entertainment. Some services are paid and some are free. Here is the list of channel sand services of Apple TV for 2017 or you can also take Apple TV Support.

Best Paid Apple TV apps and Services

For watching the best of the Apple TV apps, you need to spend some money as theses apps are not free. These apps do cost money, but they have been designed in such a way that save your money along with providing the content that you want to watch. Here is the full list or you can take Apple TV Help:

Sling TV

If you want to cut the cable cord for good and save the money, then Sling TV is the best option for it. This is the online streaming service that works as a full-fledged cable service. This is one of the best way to watch Apple TV and live TV. It offers you 30+ channels to watch.

Direct TV NOW

It is new service that offers the best of the Apple TV channels for live streaming. It is like Sling TV, but it is little bit expensive as compared to it. But it has a premium selection of channels that are well worth the cost. It offers 65+ channels at $35 per month and almost 120 + channels are available. It is a good choice for those who want excellent channel selection at reasonable price. You can check the deals for this channel at Apple Support Apple TV.


This is an on-demand streaming service that lets you watch TV shows, movies, and much more. It starts from $8 per month and is you want no commercials then it is $12 per month. This is the ideal option for those who wat to stay updated.


This is most popular streaming service that has more than 90 million subscribers. You can on demand streaming of your favorite content as well. It starts at $ 8 per month.


It is the one of the world’s premium channel.  It is best known for its award-winning films. There are mainly 2 HBO Apple TV channels one is HBO Go, which has been designed for cable subscribers. The other is HBO NOW which is a standalone service offered for $15 per month.

Best Free Apple TV apps

Here is the list of channels and services that free with your Apple TV Setup.


It is another mega popular service. Here you will get more than 5 billion videos to see. It has videos all sort of categories including funny, music, horror or much more.

Watch up

It is channels for news junkies. From this channels you can stay updated with the latest happenings around the world.


This services gives you the best of the video uploaded daily on the internet. This service also claim to have one new video every hour. It has also won the Best of 2016 App Award.

Snag Films

This service is specially for the lovers of films. This service curates more than 5000 independent films, TV shows, documentaries, and bring them to your Apple TV app.

Tubi TV

This service offers a great selection of movies and TV shows. The films are ad-supported. This is one of the best free TV service.

So, these were the 10 best channels and services of Apple TV that will make your experience with Apple TV out of this world. You can get more information at www Appletv com.