Cloud DVR Launch by Sling TV for Roku Users

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Now the Sling TV customers with Roku TVs and Roku media players will get a new service of cloud DVR from Sling TV. On Thursday Sling TV launches this cloud DVR service with cloud DVR beta testers or program with a selected number of subs. However, Sling TV hasn’t mentioned how many subs would be available for the trail, but on official launching, the viewers will get 100 hours of storage free of cost.

This service will start today and the elected customers will receive an email that will ask them to participate in the beta launch of cloud DVR service of Sling TVs customers having Roku media players and TVs. For activating your Roku, you can use Code.

The cloud DVR service will allow the viewers to record TV shows, movies, the entire series and other programs without the conflict of schedule simultaneously. Sling TV is doing this trial as OTT TV is facing more competition from Direct TV Now and Fubo TV and both these have cloud DVR om their respective road maps. Sling TV also confirmed that some channels Disney, ESPN networks and ABC will not support the cloud DVR service. Though the Sling TV is working on enabling this service for all the programming offered by it. For any information please use Roku Help or you can visit www Roku Com Link.

“We have not been able to grant everyone who is in need of access to the immediate beta account, but there is nothing to worry, we will be continuously adding the users throughout the program duration”, said Weinberger, who was directing the subs for future testing of cloud DVR.

Sling TV also said that it is planning to add other services or platforms for cloud DVR trials in coming months. Initially, this service is only available on Roku. It is also working on other features that include a way for the customers that will upgrade the cloud DVR storage and protect all the recordings.

Something more about cloud DVR that Sling TV says:

  • Cloud DVR service is available only for Roku TVs and Roku media players’ customers of Sling TV and initially, they will get 100 hours of storage free of cost. DVR support for additional devices will be roll out later in coming months.
  • You will able to record movies, shows, full series, videos and much more! But the DVR functionality is not for all the channels.
  • The recorded content can be easily rewind, pause or fast forwarded as per the need.
  • The viewers can record programs simultaneously with any type of conflict.
  • The DVR content will be directly integrated into MY TV screen and recordings can be accessed very quickly and easily.
  • When the capacity or space will be full the Sling TV will automatically delete the already watched recordings. This will also make space for new recordings.
  • Even the viewers can also manage their DVR space by deleting some, or all the recordings.

Initially, all the benefit will go Roku uses and they can easily enjoy this service.

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