Google Chromecast

Chromecast And Chromecast Audio On Sale

Google has been changing things for now, and those devices like Nexus player which were used to play TV on android called android TV are pulled back unceremoniously by google. However, now on google store there is hardware by other OEM for watching android TV. However if you want to watch TV and do not worry about pomp and show of boxes and set top box, there is google Chromecast which is super cheap and has way more features than a standard android TV. It is modular, small and Chromecast setup is very easy.

Further, this dongle is on sale from some days and will be on sale for next week. It is already a very cheap device and if you buy a Chromecast in sale period, you get a five dollar discount. It is low yet significant considering the price point. It comes with a lot of features and it also offers freebies and discounts. The latest discount it offered was a free month of Pandora subscription for a month and further there are more discounts from Chromecast help as well as offer section. Chromecast also comes with a lot of integration features for such a competitive price.

It also streams seamlessly at 720p and its latest version also has a lot of apps and games. With its guest mode, without connecting to a network, a guest can stream his data over your Chromecast if you allow it. With all these features and price as low as $30, it is a steal deal this week. If you plan to get a first connection or another Chromecast for your home, now is the time. Chromecast audio is also on a sale this week. It also offers a $5 discounts.

Everyone is familiar with features of Chromecast audio and since it is already very cheap, now is the time for you to get one for yourself and you can buy a couple of them and use various speakers as one giant home entertainment system. All these discounts on top of these features is surely an icing on the cake.