Roku TV

Check The Way To Watch Local Channels On Your Roku TV And Roku player.

If you just got your new Roku player /TV, then check out steps to watch your favorite local channels on your Roku TV or Roku player and enjoy personalized streaming.

All the Roku users, what’s new are you heading on your Roku device? The ultimate owner of streaming devices and smart TVs, the Roku Company, has become the finest player in the challenging section of streaming devices and smart TVs in the market. With the fascinating features and amazing service, the Roku streaming devices have also placed itself as the prime source of entertainment for all the worldwide streamers out there.

Being on the top side, Roku Tv is still one of the active companies who has been working continuously to deliver the best from the lineup of streaming players and smart TVs by upgrading them with the exclusive features and functions. Well, the main attention of the Roku device is its wide treasure of Roku channel store, which holds up the lineup of many channels under the various sections. All you have to do is just to pick up the channel and stream it on your Roku device.

But, streaming the local channels on the streaming device is the priority of almost every user around the world.  If you are getting frustrate with this simple issue, then check out the list of prime local channels available on the Roku platform-

  • Local News (TV)
  •  The bunch of popular Roku channels including PlayStation Vue, Century Link Stream, DIRECTNOW, and Sling TV renders the local channels in the chosen markets. If you are more interested in CBS only, then CBS All Access renders the 126 live and local CBS channels.

    Note: All the mentioned may need a monthly subscription.

  • Newson (free)- The channel also renders on-demand and live local newscasts and also the local news clips from the 170+ markets. The coolest thing about this channel is that you can easily switch to many locations from the country. If you do not have hometown newscasters, then you can head for this channel.
  • LocalNow (need to participate in the TV provider subscription after the 30-day free trial) renders the traffic, news, sports, and hyper-local weather information from the 207 locations around the country.
  • Also, ensure to browse the “News and Weather” category in the Roku Channel Store and look for all the local affiliates. Currently, there are 100+free local news channels including the KHOU Houston, WSB Atlanta, WGN Chicago, and FOX25 Boston.
  • Local News (Radio)- In this section, you can head to TuneIn and iHeartradio (both free) channels to bring the hometown DJs and also your favorite local stations to your home. It doesn’t matter where you are; you can easily listen to podcasts, music, and sports radio.
  • Local channel Antenna
  •  According to the location, you may able to receive the over-the-air-broadcasts from the lineup of all the major networks like FOX, PBS, ABC, CBS, and NBC through an antenna.
  • Tablo TV (required additional hardware) improves the viewing experience by providing you the ability to pause and record the live TV.
  • If you have the Roku TV on your side, then head to learn more about the Live TV Pause feature that permits you to easily the television up to 90 minutes.


  • Apart from the channels in the local news section, all the weather junkies must add these two channels, including “The Weather Network” and “Weather Nation” (both are free). The channels would render the local forecasts, and you can watch the hourly and extended forecasts according to your location.