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Can You Setup Express VPN On Your Roku Device?

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Did you know you can setup Express VPN on the Roku device? VPN function is not built-in Roku, so people willing to have the same will have to set it up manually. For more information, they can either take Roku help or keep reading the below-mentioned blog post.

First of all, link the Roku account with the home Wi-Fi router, then follow the steps mentioned below.

Note: If you want to enjoy US Roku channels on your Roku device, then you are required to enter the Roku account details according to US location. In case your to the US servers, then contact at Roku support number

Setting up VPN-enabled router

Connect your Roku player and router server to the United States server address, because if there is any mismatch between the servers of your router and Roku device, then you won’t be able to enjoy US contents on it.

  1. To start the process, first, ensure that whether your PC supports virtual router or not. To check this, open the command window and right click on it to Run it as an administrator. If you are using windows vista or XP, then you need to go to ‘my computer’ icon and right click on it. If the hosted network option is available, then it means that virtual router facility is available otherwise run an update for network drivers and check it again.
  2. Now open the Router manufacturer website to read the tutorials for VPN setup from there. If the manufacturer name is not available to you, then you can directly enter the name of your router on the internet.
  3. Ensure the Roku setup before continuing with the VPN router setup that whether it is set up according to US contents or not. For this, you can log onto www Roku com link from the web browser.
  4. Open the web browser and enter link from the same PC on which you have enabled the VPN settings.
  5. Click on the United States, when asked for a country
  6. Enter the Zip code of country in the relevant field. This is mostly a five digit number.
  7. Reset your Roku from the back of your Roku device. The reset button is embedded at the back of the streaming
  8. Press and hold the button for 20 seconds then release it, if you are unable to find any signal on the TV screen after this, then it means that this is HDCP unauthorized Roku. Check the HDMI cable of your Roku device properly to fix this problem.
  9. Once connected, log into your Roku account with new credentials and open the linking page from the official Roku website with the help of Roku remote. If your Roku not working, then use Roku mobile app to open the link.

Connecting Roku player with the Virtual Router

  1. To link the Roku with the router, open the Roku home menu and click on ‘settings’.
  2. Open the ‘network’ menu.
  3. Click on the wireless option. This may sometimes be read as ‘Wi-Fi’ in some Roku players.
  4. Tap on the ‘virtual router’ from the list of present networks. The name of your router can be changed any time without any problem.
  5. Now, you will be asked to enter your virtual router’s password. Enter the password and click on it to confirm.
  6. You are now successfully connected to VPN network. You can now enjoy US channels contents on it without any problem. If you are facing any problem in casting the contents, then you can get help from the Roku support link.

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