Apple TV

Bigger Games and Apps Now on Apple TV

Apple announced a change in App store policy of Apple for the Apple TV. When the device was announced in 2015, then the TV apps were limited to 200 megabytes. But now they can be as large as 4GB almost 20 times bigger than their initial size. Apple announced that it is accepting the larger tv OS binaries. The company also said that it is making this change because the developers can include more media in the submission and give a better end user experience at the time of initial installation. The basic Apple TV Setup will not change at all.

This change can encourage more developers for making their games available for Apple TV. But it is also unfair to say that the initially the developers were not able to get the big games for tv OS. For doing this they were needed to store more data in Apple’s cloud. This was the feature which was called as On-Demand Resources, which allows the storage of assets up to 200GB of data and would be available when needed. This feature is still available and you can know more about from Apple Support Apple TVBut the extra step for these cloud resources was the coding for their support. It also means that for a good gaming experience you need a good internet connection. With the newly raised limit size now the developers will be able to take their games from iPhone and iPad to Apple TV.

There is another reason that will tell you why this change was necessary. Another reason is that 4K streaming is increasing day by day and 4K content needs a lot of space. In limited size keeping, all the 4K content was not possible. Right now, Apple TV has no support for 4K but who knows this may be the starting of support of 4K content by Apple TV. Apple TV Support can be used more information about your Apple TV.

The Apple TV is available in the market in 32GB and 64GB models and the limit initially was to make sure that the users will not fill their device quickly. But now the device has been out and the App store has also developed much so the company is ditching this plan. For developers, Apple’s Developer Portal has all the information and for users, they can log on to www Appletv com and can get all the information.