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Best Feature Of Roku That You Are Not Using: Roku Feed

Roku has been working on its new feature since last year. The name of this feature is My Feed. It is not easy for Roku users to keep a list of upcoming movies and TV shows on different services.  It is a very difficult task to check all the services to keep track of your favorite shows. Roku finds a new solution to this problem. Roku adds a new feature which will notify you about all the upcoming episodes or programs.  Now there is no need to check Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO or any other app individually for new episodes and movies. Sometimes Roku device does not connect to the network or you see a message Roku Not Connecting, for troubleshooting you can visit Roku’s official site.

 This new feature arrives in the main menu with the name ‘My Feed’. This feature enables you to follow your favorite TV shows. It will notify you when a new episode is added to your streaming service. It will let you know when the prices of shows and movies drop for purchases. Roku introduced this feature in 2015 but it didn’t become popular. Now by making this feature easier you can easily browse for movies and TV shows. If you see purple screen which says HDCP Unauthorized Roku, then you can visit Roku support for troubleshooting.

How this feature works:

This new feature is in the main menu with the name ‘My Feed’. You can see three categories of videos by scrolling this feature.  The first one is Movies; in this category there is a list of movies that are available for purchase, subscription or for rent. The second category is ‘TV shows’ in which you can see the list of famous programs. The third is ‘Movies Coming Soon’ in this category there is a list of films that haven’t arrived yet on streaming services. You can add TV shows and movies from these categories to My Feed. To add these movies you have to select ‘Follow on Roku’ by clicking on a movie or a show from the menu. It will notify you when the movie arrives on streaming service. Some users complain that their Roku remote not working, go to Roku support and follow the instructions.

Streaming services that support Roku Feed:  

There are around 40 services which support Roku Feed. Some service providers are uncertain like HBO supports Roku feed with HBO GO app but its app HBO NOW doesn’t support it. Viacom supports Roku Feed for its Comedy Central but doesn’t support its MTV. Roku gives updates from installed apps only; therefore users can miss important updates for the other crucial apps.

What comes next for this feature?

Roku feed and its partners will try to improve the quality of search results or feed results. Sometimes it have been noticed that it fails to show the list of latest episodes or films or gave wrong rental prices.  Absence of Netflix support is the main problem with Roku feed. Without this support, users can miss latest films which are available without rent or purchase on Netflix. Main points that should be improved by Roku feed are

  • List of unwatched episodes: Roku feed has a list of new episodes that are coming it will notify us when they arrive. There should be a separate list of episodes that you have seen and unwatched episodes will keep to another sorting option.
  •  Sorting option: Roku feed keeps its feedbacks in order of new additions; it becomes very difficult if you are following many items. It would be better if users sort their feeds by alphabetical order or genre.
  • Live TV: list of streaming channel are increasing day by day. Roku Feed could be the best option for advertising live shows or events, sports broadcast or breaking news.

Roku have to improve their feature Roku feed time to time to stay in the race with the rivals like Google, Amazon and Apple. Sometimes Roku struggled to connect to Wi-Fi network or Roku will pop up with Roku Error Code 014, visit Roku support to rectify this problem.