Besides streaming, you can simply do these 5 things with your Google Chromecast

Besides streaming, you can simply do these 5 things with your Google Chromecast

Are you streaming well with your Google’s streaming device? It’s been quite a long time for the fine streaming device to render its amazing features and astonishing services to all the users around the world. Having the ability to cast all the content on the big screen, Google Chromecast is kept on growing its number of users in a fine way. If you are on the list of new users, who are looking out to get started with the streaming device can simply go to the Www Chromecast Com Setup in order to get the proper guidance regarding the setup.

There is no doubt that you must have been enjoying the streaming experience with your streaming device.  But, there are many things which you can do with your entertaining streaming device. So, if you are looking out to explore your streaming device, then you can go for these 5 best things which can do with your Chromecast device.

  1. The casting of the tablet or the phone- With your android tablet or phone, it’s quite simple to cast the full screen of your android device to the television. You can simply this ability to stream your favorite content directly on your tv screen or to play your classic game on the 72” screen without any kind of hindrance. So, pick up your tablet or phone and turn your screen into a bigger picture.Android Tablet
  2. Casting of the browser tabs- If you got Chromecast Extension on your browser, then you are eligible to do a fine thing with your browser tabs. With the Chromecast extension, you can easily push the tabs of many browsers to a single screen including the Chrome, Firefox, and many other browsers. It has been seen that many chromecast use the cast video when their streaming platform doesn’t have the combined Chromecast button. Even there are many things which you can do which you can do, including the sharing of pictures, Google Map directions and also to stream the favorite music through the TV rather than the Laptop.Firefox Browser
  3. Switching to the favorite tunes- We have already mentioned above that you can easily play your music through the sound system or speakers of your television with the use of casting feature tab. But, there are many other ways through which you can simply switch to your favorite tunes to your Home speakers. If you got Pandora on your side, then you can use it with your Chromecast like the Google Play music to cast your favorite music from your computer or laptop to your stereo system.Pandora
  4. Making out presentation- Want to prepare a presentation for your next Project? Well, then your chromecast will do the work in a fine way. Just go the Google Slides to prepare your presentation and then cast it on the big screen with the use of chromecast. It’s quite simple, reliable and a new way to sound professional at your workplace.Presentation on Google Chromecast
  5. Customizing the photos display- You may have encountered the situation when your Chromecast show up the default photos on the screen when you are not casting your Chromecast. Well, you can easily customize those default photos with your pics by going to Chromecast app and then modify the Settings for the “Backdrop”. Now, you can put your photos in the background. Besides this, if you get any kind of tech issue with your streaming device, then just navigate to Chromecast Help to get the better solution.Backdrop Chromecast