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Are you getting no sound on your Roku?

Are you a Roku user and facing the sound error on your Roku device such as Roku content is not audible to you, then follow these given steps or get in touch with Roku experts for better and fine solution.

We no need to tell about the popular name, a popular streaming stick called, Roku. The well-liked streaming device among people of the United States and earned the title of highest rank in the market as well. So if you’re a Roku user and facing any technical error such as you’re unable to watch some channel or your Roku Remote Not Working etc. then you’re free to take Roku help. Roku professionals offer satisfactory service with good assistance. Roku is also an immense pack of entertainment, this amazing platform let you stream your favorite television series and movies as well plus Roku’s smooth functionality and its astonishing features make this streaming player customer’s favorite. Now you can also catch the new lineup of Roku and i.e Roku Express and Roku Premiere+. If we talk Roku Express then this version getting not that positive review, well, the model is amazing with good features but when it comes to performance then it gives slow performance whereas Roku Premiere comes in people’s best list.

Here we talked about the new versions, now put a spotlight on Roku’s technical error or mess. According to users, they are facing trouble regarding sound in their Roku players. Many users are like their ears aren’t catching any sound from the device. If this happens to you means the audio output settings on your streaming device may not be suitable for your home theater equipment.

If you’ve linked your streaming device to your television through an A/V receiver, it must support Dolby Digital Plus to decode and play 5.1 audio. If the receiver you’re using only supports Dolby Digital or does not support Dolby surround, tries to play 5.1 content will be ineffective.

If your Roku is not linked or connected to an A/V receiver, or if your receiver does not support Dolby Digital Plus, you need to follow these steps:

Previous Roku devices:

1.    First select a movie or television show/series.

2.    Now select Audio and Subtitles on the description page for the title

3.    Under Audio, make sure that you have selected the stereo option

4.    Try playing your motion picture or television show again.

New Roku devices:

1.    Play a movie or television show.

2.    You need to press the Down arrow, while the movie or television show is playing.

3.    Now select Audio & Subtitles.

4.    Under Audio, make sure that you have selected the option of non 5.1.

5.    Try playing your movie or television show again.

So these steps may resolve the sound problem of your Roku streaming device, if you see no change in this technical error then you need to get in touch with Roku professionals or experts. Whether the trouble is of Roku Error Code 001, 003 or any error code or some other technical trouble, professionals are there for you to resolve your problems with precise assistance and solution.

If you’re not a Roku user, then be its part today and enjoy the huge package of entertainment. You’ll be glad to know that now you can also enjoy your many popular television shows for free, so what are you waiting for go grab the Roku today. For any Roku Update you need to stay tuned to the official website of Roku and by visiting this website you can also take a glimpse at new Roku Express and Roku Premiere + too. No need to worry about these temporary technical errors, Roku troubleshooting steps, and Roku professionals will resolve them perfectly.