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All You Should Know About The Upcoming Amazon Fire TV (2017)

Amazon may be planning to roll out two new version of Amazon Fire TV models. And the upcoming models would be a treat to better your binge watching.  

In the competitive market, Amazon’s Fire TV media players have just marked their prime position in the list of all the available media players. But, it’s been a while Amazon has updated the Fire TV platform. The last update was the second-generation Fire TV model in the year 2015, providing the support for the 4K Ultra HD streaming, followed by the update of the Amazon Fire TV Stick in October in the last year. After that, the company just quiet.

Well, according to the latest evidence, the e-commerce giant is about to roll out the two latest Fire TV models, both will be available for the 4K streaming. The first one will be a dongle, according to the AFTVNews, which will be plugged into the HDMI port. On the technical basis, this is a successor to the Amazon Fire Stick, though it is not a longer Fire TV Stick. Instead, it is in the squared shape and has got a dangling connector that makes it resembles like the new Google Chromecast.

Prices and specs

According to the article, the dongle will feature a 2GB RAM, 8-GB inbuilt storage, and it will be powered by a powerful 1.5GHz processor. The device may be priced between $60 and $80, which is quite expensive than the current Fire TV Stick enabled with the Alexa Voice Remote ($39.99).

While the second device is little interesting and appears in the flagship of all the Fire TV devices, but in the latest cubic form. There is also a signature LED wrapped around the top which is providing signals that it will come with the Alexa digital assistant functionality.

According to the reports, the latest Fire TV will render the feature of far-field microphones which are just similar to the Amazon Echo- that will head on to permit the users to operate the set-top box along with the voice commands. There will also be a combined speaker so that you will be able to use it like an Amazon Echo or an Apple HomePod or a Google Home, whenever the TV is in the off mode.

There was also reported that the top of the box will also feature the same buttons to the Echo Dot-including the mute, volume keys and action- and that will come along with a bundled IR remote control. There is no specific pricing that the device will cost around $100.

Release and other expectations

Amazon has not officially confirmed any news like that, a couple of developments making the news around the latest Fire TV devices are quite rare. The first one is that Amazon has pulled out the Fire TV lineup from its online store, just like the Apple’s store online head to launch their new products, including iPhone X, and iPhone 8. This gives a hint that the latest product is coming up.

After the news rolled out about the absence of the Fire TVs for sale, it was also spotted that the latest software update was rolling out to all the Fire TV devices (according to AFTV news). The update just follows up the full Fire TV range on the similar version of the Amazon Fire OS, and also adds the voice keyboard input- which is a nod for all the latest 4K devices that we are expecting to view, as they are probably bringing the Alexa combination.

In the case of the release date, we are not expecting too much, but knowing the fact that the all the Amazon Fire devices are no longer available to purchase, we can make a positive guess about the upcoming Fire TV versions.

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