Amazon Fire TV

Add These Must Have Apps For Your Fire TV Stick.

If you are one of the fine users of Amazon Fire TV stick, then you must have the lineup of important apps for your Fire Tv stick.

In the last month, the Amazon Fire TV stick got launched in India, and in that particular period, there were many companies who got the bandwagon to render their service from the platform. The stick is available at RS 3,999, which is similar to the Google Chromecast, but different in other terms according to our review.

If you have to get the Fire TV stick on your side and you are still not an Amazon Prime subscriber, then it doesn’t make any sense to purchase the stick. And in the case, if you are a fine prime member, you directly gets Rs. 499 cash back as the Amazon pay balance after making the purchase. But, only the Prime members have the right to access the content of Amazon Prime video, which is a fine video service with an affordable price. The lineup of exclusives keep getting added in the Amazon Prime video, and the recent one is the American Gods.

Well, the Fire TV Stick is quite good for all those people who wish to browse their choice of content which they wish to watch out on their big screen, just like you would do on your regular television. So, in the case, if you are planning out to bought a new fire TV stick or have already bought, then having the right lineup of apps on the digital stick is very important for a better bunch of content.

Here is the list of such apps which every new user should add to their Fire TV stick.    

1) YouTube- The app of the YouTube is its TV website, but that doesn’t signify that the app is not one of the most used apps on Fire TV stick. On the app, it’s very easy to search and browse the hub of videos that you wish to watch. There are several numbers of publishers who upload the shows directly to YouTube, and it is the best medium to get noticed at the global level. After signing in, you can also power YouTube through your phone.

2) Netflix- Being in the trending streaming services, the Netflix app doesn’t seem to be available in the India store for this particular moment. Hopefully, it will soon be available. Well, having a Netflix subscription costs more than the Amazon Prime membership, the service has got many fine exclusives. If you are one of the fans of such shows like Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Iron Fist and Luke Cage or other originals like Orange is the New Black, Master of None, House of Cards, and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, then Netflix is the best option for you.

3) Hotstar- If you find Netflix as the expensive one, then Star’s Hotstar is a worthy option as compared to Netflix. Having Hotstar on your side gives you the prime access to HBO’s catalog with the shows, including Westworld, Silicon Valley, Game of Thrones, and Marvel and Disney movies. Apart from this, for all the cricket fans, Hotstar is that prime place where one can stream IPL and all the International Games played in India and many sporting actions.

In the comparison of both apps, Netflix’s interface is much better interface then Hotstar. While looking at the cost factor, Hotstar is one of the absolute choices.

4) Gaana- The first three apps were for having the video-on-demand service, but if you are accessing YouTube for listening to your favorite tracks, then you are going wrong. Accessing your favorites on YouTube is not an ideal option with the wasting of a large portion of bandwidth on the videos if you just want to listen the tracks only. After trying out lots of music streaming options, we finally settled on Gaana app. If you adore the mix of International and Indian music, then Gaana is the best met for streaming your music easily.

5) Ditto TV- The app lets you stream live TV on your big screen, and you can easily choose a different variety of content at just Rs 20 a month. Eventually, it is also one of the premium offerings at an affordable cost.