5 sad movies on Netflix, which can make you whimper

5 sad movies on Netflix, which can make you whimper

How is the streaming going on with the streaming service? There are a lot of adoring reasons which you can count on for the promising streaming service. With the diverse range of content and services, Netflix has placed itself as one of the key player of streaming services in the market. This is the reason that the streaming service has connected the immense fan base of potential streamers in the market. And with the growth of original flicks, the streaming service is still adding many new streamers in its list. All the new streamers, who are looking out to stream the top flicks, they should head to Netflix Com Login to get the latest flicks and movies.

The diverse range of movies and award-winning flicks contains every flavor, which you can grab easily with the streaming service, even the top sad collections too. So, if you are in a sad mode, you can grab the best sad collections of Netflix to release your emotions. This is the reason we are here with the 5 best sad collections of Netflix which can make you whimper. If you got Netflix streaming issues with your tv, you can head to www. Netflix.com Tv help to get the required solutions.

  1. Titanic–  The epic romance-disaster film is all about the disaster that took place with a love story of a couple of different social classes. In the direction of James Cameron, the movie showcases the emotional disaster which results in the scatter of the love birds. The movie is one of the classic choices to feel the pain of getting separated with your loved ones.Titanic
  2. Eternal sunshine of the Spotless mind– It is one of the rare movies which can make you happy and sad at both times. The movie is all about a couple which erased each other from their memory. The relationship being at the center of the film makes you feel sad when it is happening and happy when it gets over. The overall impact of the movie is disastrous. So, if you are going through with the breakup kind of stuff, then you can for the movie.Eternal sunshine of the Spotless mind
  3. An affair to Remember– It is one of the classic weepie of all time, which is a remake of the film Love Affair (1939). The story is all about the couple who fall in love with each other during their way from Europe to New York. Despite being engaged, they decide to meet again.An affair to Remember
  4. The Road– In the direction of John Hillcoat, the movie is a post-apocalyptic drama film which revolves around a father and the son. They head to a journey of surviving after a cataclysm caused many death events. The movie actually showcases the light of hope, which makes you strong enough to walk in every situation of life. The Road
  5. The Imitation Game– The movie has some sought of World War II connection, which revolves around a British mathematician who builds a machine which is actually a kind of prototype of the modern computer. This innovation leads to crack the German codes which eventually millions of lives during the second World War.The Imitation Game

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