Amazon Fire TV

Resolve these three basic issues of Amazon Fire TV

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What’s going on Fire TV lovers? As we all are familiar with the astounding functionality and fine features of this device. If we talk about ranking then Amazon Fire TV resides in the series of three popular streaming devices (Roku, Fire TV, and Apple). One side if people are enjoying the facile functionality of Fire […]

NetFlix TV

How To Fix The Most Common Problems In Your Netflix?

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We are here to tell you the solutions for all the Netflix related problem that occurred on regular basis like Netflix down, not connected to the device, common problems while watching on IPhone, android and PC. If you have trouble streaming free Netflix on other device like Xbox, PS4 and apple TV then we will go through […]

Roku TV

Roku users can simply fix the TrimePlay MAC Adress issue

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TrimePlay is a private channel of Roku that offers a limited version of Apple’s AirPlay for those who are using this streaming device with IOS devices. Since the first month of the year when the Streaming Advisor first reported on the installation process and use the feature the story has been watched many times. A […]