You Will Soon Get The Dolby Atmos Surround Sound To Netflix’s Original Content


In the high-tech market, Netflix is now gearing up to bring the quality Dolby Atmos surround sound system to its original content.

Netflix Com ActivateAll Netflix users, How your streaming experience is going with Netflix? Undoubtedly, Netflix has placed itself ahead among all the competitors in the market. By providing the classic features and services, the streaming service has also caught the eyeballs of all the users around the world.

In the growing technology and innovative trends, Netflix Tv has also involved itself to upgrade its streaming service with the quality features and different services to provide the spectacular streaming experience to all the users out there.

Well, the growth of the streaming services has now become a prime site for all the mini-platforms out there along with a lineup of new services like the 4K, high-dynamic range Video and many better improvements to compete in such a competitive market. In this race, Netflix declared that it is heading to add the quality Dolby Atmos sound format system to its original content. And the first movie selected for this trial is Okja of Bong Joon-ho’s. The film has already been presented in the company’s top class high –dynamic range video format, i.e., Dolby Vision.

It is a long time for the Surround sound to get used in the homes and movie theaters, but the Atmos, which got released back again in the 2012 year gives the flexibility to all the moviemakers to have their level of creative choices. Even using up the ceiling-mounted speakers plays a vital role to provide the ability to place up the sound quality of the audience, but the mixing of the sound is the most important thing at this point.

Besides the creation of any static, the fixed mix seems to be the different sounds which are placed on the number of specific channels, as it would happen with the 7.1 and 5.1 systems. According to Atmos viewpoint, the sound elements are just like the virtual objects that are easy to place on any side of the theater. With such placement, this ultimately a classic versatility, and also permits the final mix to the smaller level of installations, home theater setups, and giant theaters.

Now, for the coming up scenario, there are many Dolby partners who have released the classic speakers which sound extraordinary and eventually helps out to re-create the similar sound filed as you get after installing the Atmos sound system.

www Netflix Com ActivateIn this initial phase, the rollout of the latest technology would be very limited. The lineup of compatible LG televisions is providing the best one way to stream the dynamic Atoms content along with the Xbox One and Xbox One S to provide the same ability. There will also be the requirement of Atmos classic home theater setups. Though, the Xbox users will also get the ability to listen to the best virtualized Atmos mix with the headphones.

In future, there will be many numbers of supported devices over the time with the increasing titles too. But, currently, Netflix is only focusing on its original lineup of movies, like Death Note, Bright, and Blame! All these movies will get the Atmos included at the end of the year. This seems like a very small point to notify, but it is the most important one. As delivering the original lineup of content is one of the major and vital parts of all the streaming services. So, offering the high-dynamic-range video and classic theater like surround sound quality can render the best home streaming experience for all the users.