Roku TV

You Can Download Roku App For Windows 10 In More Countries

Roku is the most favorite streaming device for almost all the users of it. They use this device because it is less costly and more fascinating than the cable networks and satellite communication. You have to pay subscription charges for every channel irrespective of your taste in cable TV network but this is not the case in Roku device. You have to pay only for that service, which you have subscribed. This cutback the running cost.

The developer of this streaming device has developed a Roku app for window 10 users. Now they can enjoy the features of Roku on their desktop by just downloading Roku app from internet. The app is available mainly for two countries: Canada and United Kingdom.

Features of this app:

You can entertain yourself more with this app on laptop and tablet. All the window 10 users can able to access the contents that are being able to stream only with the Roku device. They will enjoy all those channels, which are accessible through Roku device. Users of window 10 are provided with the opportunity to enjoy the contents on big screen.

Roku give access to more than 2000 channels and millions of movie titles to desktop users. These channels includes all the genres like sports, music, movies and live shows. The user will just have to tap on the particular channel from Roku app. The contents will start streaming on the screen of your desktop. Sometimes you need to subscribe to the particular channel from the list, which is not available for viewing. All the movies are placed according to the order of their releasing year. User just enter the date of release of specific movie, the list of that particular date will be displayed on the screen and defined according to the quality of videos. Roku always pick high quality videos from different sources.


Roku has brought a new interface for user on its home page that allows them to search across the various channels. Users can select their favorite channel and place it on the home page with help of ‘my channel’ option. The list of all the channel will be located in this feed. They can watch it more quickly and easily. If your desktop supports gesture based gadgets then you can swap across the pages in Roku app through gesture based navigation. Roku app has much improved search and remote control feature built-in.

How to setup Roku:

Setting up Roku is easy and simple, just follow the below instructions and setup your Roku properly.

  1. Connect the HDMI cable with help of connector to Roku device and the TV
  2. Input the power supply to Roku through power adapter. This comes within the box of Roku.
  3. Start your remote by inserting batteries. If remote not working then check whether batteries are inserted in right polarity or not.
  4. Switch on the TV and select the right HDMI port from the TV remote. If your Roku is not connected to the TV then you will see HDCP unauthorized Roku message on your screen and you will not able to watch contents from channels like Hulu or Netflix. Check the cable and replace it if required.
  5. Now it’s the time to connect the Roku with home Wi-Fi network. If Roku not connecting to the network then you will see Roku error code 014 dreaded message on the screen. To resolve this issue, unplug the device and plug it again. Plug Ethernet cable into Roku and enter the settings for establishing the connection.
  6. Once the connection is established, check for available Wi-Fi networks by going into the settings of Roku.
  7. Enter the password and id link for verification.
  8. Enter the default language for Roku.
  9. Your device will now connect to the server network for any update.

Setup process is complete now. Add the channels to Roku list now.