Watching TV Can Give You Netflix Face


We all know that we cannot stop ourselves from watching TV. We wait for every episode and watch it regularly without knowing its effects on our skin. We even ready to fight with other in order to watch our episode. These days we are getting to much involved in it. But, there is news for all of us which is not in our favor. Watching TV regularly will do some severe problems on skin as well as on face. Major face problems like early ageing, wrinkles, fine lines

Using phones and laptops in our homes or offices effect the skin as the visible rays coming out from their screens punctured into your skin and effect it deeply. The UK based dermatologist Dr. Justine Hextall also advises that watching high light screen devices regularly leads to face Netflix, face wrinkles and many other face problems.

Working on a laptop or phone in a direct sunlight poses a serious threat. Because when you sit under direct sunlight then the ultraviolet rays from the sun combines with the high energy rays coming out of screen and it effects your face badly. Proper covering of face and use of sunscreen lotion is the way to protect yourself against these rays.

So keep in mind while moving out in direct sunshine with your gadgets in hand like laptop, mobile phones that you have to cover your face properly and use a sunscreen with minimum spf30. This will protect your skin from ultraviolet radiations coming from sun and it will reduce the risk of Netflix face. Remember to reapply sunscreen lotion after every 2-3 hours and try to wash your face with water before applying it to get best results

You can consult any dermatologist or skin specialist if you find any symptoms of this problem in yourself. More tips and tricks you can read 2016 Women’s Guide to Great Skin.