Vizio Collects Data In An Unlawful Manner, Says A Consumer From Illinois


An Illinois based consumer is fighting a legal battle or should we say, suing Vizio because he found the company tracking consumer data without their permission.

The name of the consumer is Sebastien Dufort who comes from Hinsdale, separately and for all others equally settled, filed a category action legal proceeding May 17th in U.S. District Court for the Central District of California. against Vizio Inc., and Cognitive Media Networks Inc., blaming them for doing the violation of the Video Privacy Protection Act, violation of the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, unjust enrichment, fraud by omission and negligent omission.

Further going into the details of the lawsuit, Vizio has sold-out uncountable good TVs equipped with the firm’s web applications smart platform with a unique tracking algorithm referred to as “smart interactivity.”


In the complaint filed by the consumer, it is mentioned that the smart interactivity automatically turns on with the turning on of the Smart TV allowing Vizio to stay track of users’ viewing routines while not their data. Furthermore, Vizio sells that data to 3rd parties without taking the permission of the consumers. Result of which, Vizio violates federal and state laws, additionally because the privacy rights of shoppers.

Dufort along with others within the class look for a jury trial, indemnification, statutory and punitive damages, equitable relief, injunctive and declarative relief, interests, lawyer fees and all other expenses of the suit. They’re diagrammatical by attorneys Lionel Z. Glancy, Marc L. Godino, and Mark S. Greenstone of Glancy Prongay & Murray LLP in the LA.