Tricks For Making Yourself a Roku Master.

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The streaming devices of Roku are the one of the best streaming that are available in the market today. With these streaming devices, you can stream almost every type of content and on any compatible device. In the article, we will tell how you make your streaming the best and make yourself Roku master.

Roku Code LinkIf you are looking for an easy way to stream video to your Tv from a phone, a Roku Tv should be t the top of your list. Both the streaming stick and Roku 4 are among the best available streaming devices and they are super easy to use. Here are the bunch of hidden tricks that you can do with your Roku to make binge watching shows like Stranger Things even easier.

Rearrange your Home screen

You don’t need to settle for the grid layout your Roku gives you by default. Getting the channels, you use must often to the top of the pile is simple. Highlight the channel to move, click n star button, then choose the option of move channel from the menu that appears. You can delete the channels that you don’t need from the list of home screen through the same menu.

Customize the look of your menus

Rearranging the channels on the home page is not the only way to customize the look of Roku Not Workingyour Roku device. From the front-page menu choose settings, then Themes and you can pick a completely different look for the interface. Selecting get more themes takes you to the Roku theme store where you can pick up several more themes in return for a few pennies.

Use the Roku smartphone app as a remote

Get a hold of the Roku app for iOS or Android and your smartphone can double up as a remote control. The app also lets you search for the channels, movies, and more using your voice and set up is pretty painless and entering text strings and passwords on menus suddenly becomes very easier.

Mirror your laptop or phone screen

Those of you running on Windows 8, Windows 10, or Android can use a Roku to mirror the screen of your computer or phone on your television. From this home screen, go to settings, then system and check the enable screen mirroring. Then use the official Roku apps to beam anything from one device to the TV.

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Set up feeds for your favorite shows

With so much content available over so many channels, it is not always easy to keep tabs on the shows you like, which is where My feeds section of the front page comes in. St up alerts for the shows and movies you are most interested in, and quickly tap through the menus to see which Roku channels are currently showing your favorites.

Get the best audio and voice quality

One of the reason of popularity of Roku devices is they are simple to install and use. But accepting the default settings when you first set up your device might mean that you are not getting the best sound and picture. For fixing this, go to settings from the main menu and select display type for picking 720p to 1080p Audio to cycle through the available audio options.