The journey of Moses’ life on Netflix

The Prince of Egypt

What’s up Netflix users? As we know Christmas is about to come so hopefully you all are enjoying your favorite entertainment and many Christmas movies are also waiting for you on this popular streaming platform. Alright so one more movie is calling you before we reveal the name, let us ask that how many of you have heard of Moses? Well, many people heard this famous name and here’s the name of the movie- The Prince of Egypt. You need to Download Netflix App so you can stream this or other motion pictures. If you’re new to this popular device and don’t know the procedure of activation then you can step ahead to Netflix Com Activate. So, were talking about The Prince of Egypt, basically this movie manifests the miracles of God, this movie manifests the definition God, this movie tells that the God doesn’t have any shape, color, religion or symbol, the God is an unseen power. In this movie, you will see how the Almighty gives freedom to all his dear humans, those who were facing the worse life of slavery.

The Prince of Egypt is an American animated epic biblical musical drama film, directed by Brenda Chapman, Steve Hickner, and Simon Wells, whereas DreamWorks Pictures grabbed the credit of producer. The movie is an adaptation of the Book of Exodus which depicts the life, Moses. Who left his princely lifestyle and follows the direction of God. The story of this film will tell that How Moses leaves his royal life and comes back to his origin (Hebrew), Moses marries Zipporah and God chooses Moses as his mode or channel to spread the message of faith and love. God chooses Moses to open the eyes of those people who are living in the world of blind faith. After the death of Egyptians Pharaoh, Rameses (Step-brother of Moses) handle the throne and controls the slaves of his kingdom. This new pharaoh denies Moses’ plea to free his people from the world of slavery and how this Remeses faces the wave curse and worse time in his kingdom. God chooses Moses to give his ten commandments and provides the civilized life to all people. Netflix Download App will make you stream this epic film, so what are you waiting for? Go and download the app today and if you’re already using this amazing streaming service and scuffling with any technical mess then you can visit for appropriate help.

These are the musical numbers of this film:

1.    “Deliver Us” – Ofra Haza, Eden Riegel, and Chorus

2.    “All I Ever Wanted” – Amick Byram

3.    “River Lullaby” – Amy Grant

4.    “All I Ever Wanted (Queen’s Reprise)” – Linda Dee Shayne

5.    “Through Heaven’s Eyes” – Brian Stokes Mitchell

6.    “Playing with the Big Boys” – Steve Martin and Martin Short

7.    “The Plagues” – Byram, Ralph Fiennes, and Chorus

8.    “When You Believe” – Sally Dworsky, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Chorus

So what are you waiting for? Just fill up the acceptable credentials in Netflix Com login and stream this astonishing movie. If you’re feeling that any technical issue is knocking your service’s door badly then no worries, you can get in touch with professionals for precise assistance and direction.