Ten Chromecast tricks and tips, you may know or not


If you’re a Chromecast user then you may or may not aware of these tips and tricks. If you face and obstacle or technical mess in your Chromecast then you contact the professionals for better assistance.

We all are aware of this well-liked device, well, good thing is that Google’s streaming dongle comes under your budget ($35) and literally, the functionally and features of this device is just amazing.  Alright, how many of you know the hidden tips and tricks of Chromecast? If you don’t know these tips and tricks, then take a look below.

Ethernet Adapter:

As we know the Chromecast is an amazing gadget through which you can stream your favorite content to your television from your mobile by using different popular online streaming services such as Netflix and YouTube etc. If you’re new to this device, then you can navigate to Chrome cast com setup Setup to know the accurate direction regarding setting up your Chromecast. Connect an Ethernet cable, that’s also linked to your modem to that port, at the adapter’s end you need to plug the USB into the Chromecast, now attach affix Chromecast to the television’s HDMI port and you’re ready to go.


If you’re a Chromecast user, then you may or you may not know that Google often offers free movies and other perks. What else you need, when you have the astonishing offers by Google for your weekend. Rest if you’re looking for any ChromeCast Support, then you can get in touch with professionals and experts.


Well, you can show your presentation with Chromecast, if use Google Slides. As we all are familiar with the ‘built into Chrome’ news, means you no need to install the Google Cast extension. Make a click on ‘Present’ option on the top-right of your presentation, now select ‘Present on another screen’ and choose your Chromecast device.

Game time decision:

Now users can enjoy some fun family games and you can even test your trivia knowledge via Trivia Bash and what about Sonic Jump Fever? Well, you can download games to your devices such as Android or iOS. You can easily find around 100 games for Chromecast in Google Store.

Attractive as a picture:

To switch up your Chromecast background, you can choose your own images or you can choose from Google’s selection, in which you will find beautify art, photography, landscape etc. Go to the Devices tan in the Google Cast app and select the Chromecast, you want to customize. Now tap the hamburger menu (top-right corner) and select Backdrop Settings. Then you can choose images from Google photos, FB albums. For more information, you can visit Www ChromeCast com.

Television as a DJ:

To play music via television with Chromecast download Google Play Music. Open the app and then select cast icon, now you need to choose Chromecast from the list of the device, and select your desirable content.



The Spotify subscribers can cast their desirable tune via Chromecast. Make sure the device is on the same Wi-Fi network as your Chormecast. You just need to open the Spotify app, then play a track, select Device Available, and then Chromecast. It works with both, new and old Chromecast versions.

Do not disturb:

You want to watch your favorite content but you’re afraid that sound may disturb others. Well, in such case you just need download LocalCast for your Android device. Through this you can cast content to your television while keeping audio on your device. You need to tap ‘Router audio o phone’ on the ‘Now Playing’ screen and plug in your ear/headphones.


You can mirror your Android device to your TV, means, now simply you can cast the same content to your television, which you’re watching on your phone. (Available on various devices with Android 4.4.2.-KitKat MR1). Again, if you’re new to this device then instead of roaming here and there, visit Www Google com ChromeCast Setup for the accurate guidelines.

Which content you can stream?

A recent upgrade to the Cast app for android and iOS users will help them out to know that which content they can watch and they can’t. For example if you want to stream Star trek: Voyager, then open up the Cast app, type the name and tap your favorite content.