Roku Told Wheeler: HTML 5 Shouldn’t Be The Actual Standard Video Distribution


The world famous video streaming device manufacturer Roku said that HTML 5 should not be real navigation standard for Roku. In a meeting with Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler about the National Cable & Telecommunications Associations Roku told that they consider commission’s efforts are unfavorable.

Roku thinks that it is not good to use HTML 5 as a standard video distribution for Roku streaming devices. Roku said that this kind of approach would be thoughtless as customers have already proved that they prefer Roku devices. According to Roku HTML 5 is bulky and costly, they would require an external device maker to include an extra memory and processing power to support it.

As we know, Roku is the popular streaming device making company. It is known for its streaming sticks, devices and Roku TV’s across the world. Roku believes that by replacing the set up box with other alternative network except cable network will make HTML 5 as a standard video distribution. If you got a message of Roku Error Code 001,003 then you have to go to Roku’s official site for support. Error 001 means that your wireless connection is right, but there is a problem in contacting the Roku activation server. You can also solve this problem by hard resetting your device.  Error 003 means, you can connect to internet but cannot update the software. From Roku Update you can update the software.  To solve this problem you have to visit Roku support or contact customer care.

After examining MVPD proposals FCC officials said that HTML 5 will be good for app developers as it provides direct access to the contents. But, Roku believes that HTML 5 is expensive and bulky. They will need a third party manufacturer for an additional memory and power even in their reasonable devices. Developers agreed with the recommendations of FCC in promoting the market by providing new features like:

More Apps:

If FCC followed an app based approach, then it is not compulsory to use HTML5 but requires MPVD to support wide platform

No third party is allowed in app development:

FCC cannot allow any third party development under the MPVD p platform. MPVD will be free to provide access to third party app to satisfy the commission.

Direct delivery:

The users who are paying for the MPVD programming package will be provided with full support and will get the content directly.


User will get rich metadata while browsing or searching online.


To create an easy process to resolve disputes whether MPVD is supporting the third party or not.

No discrimination:

It must be ensured that there is no discrimination by FCC to MPVD in terms of flexibility.

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