Roku Anticipating Service Interruption This Week: What To Do For Getting ABC 15?


Roku is a great platform for providing services to the users across the globe. If the users were not able to watch the contents on Roku due to any interruption or problem then they feel dis-satisfied with the service provider and even stop getting services from the same providers.

Roku is anticipating service hindrance due to scheduled maintenance on 11th Aug, 2016 from 5:00AM to 11:00 AM according to local time. Roku has declared publically about the inconvenience caused to all users via registered e-mail. They have send the emails to users’ prior interruption so that they will able to adjust on time. Roku also clarifies that customers can able to stream the channels which they have already installed on device but not able to add new channels especially ABC15.

So here I am providing you the technique to add a channel before the service goes off for a temporary period.

Just go the official website of Roku and log into your account by entering the ID, password details. You will see ‘add a channel’ option in the main home screen. Enter ABC15 in the search bar. You will see the channel in the list, just add it.

The channel will automatically add to your home screen and in ‘my channel’ list within 24 hours and you can able to enjoy the channel on Roku device.

It is important to know that neither you will able to activate a new device within scheduled maintenance period nor will you able to make any purchases within the channels so you have to accommodate during this time interval.

Common issues you can face while setting up Roku at home:

There are certain issues, which you can face during the installation of devices at home. You must be familiar with these issues so as to resolve them.

  1. While connect Roku to the Wi-Fi, you might come across with the message that Roku not working. This appears due to problem in connection. May be you have entered a wrong details of a password for connecting to Wi-Fi or you have not established a proper connection with your router. Enter the correct DNS settings of router.
  2. If you see HDCP unauthorized Roku message on the screen of your TV then there is problem with HDMI cable. It may be loose or broken from somewhere. Unplug the cable from the device and plug it again firmly. If the problem is not solved properly then you must change the HDMI cable or connector, whichever is to be replaced. The message will disappear at once then.
  3. When you start using your Roku device then you use the device remote to control it. All the controls are available on the remote. You can change the channel, increase- decrease the volume and play the contents through it. If Roku remote not working then you will not able to play through the device. In order to solve this, replace the batteries from the back the insert the new battery. The battery terminals should be matched with the remote terminals.
  4. If the remote still not functioning then there are chances of obstruction within the sender and receiver IR. Remove the object that causes hindrance in the path.
  5. During setting up Roku device, if you see a Roku error code 011 dreaded message on the screen then there’s issue with your network server. Your Roku is not able to connect with the Roku update server due to maintenance. To diagnose this problem follow the steps.
  • Unplug the power adapter from Roku device
  • Plug it again after gap of 15 mins.
  • Connect the power connector in order modem>wireless router>Roku player.
  • Follow the on screen instructions and let the gateway and modem to boot automatically.

You will now able to connect to the home TV and Wi-Fi network flawlessly.