Resolve the Roku Private Listening issue

Roku Troubleshooting

Are you hearing pops or your audio is stuttering, then here we have some genuine steps to resolve the issue of private listening.

As we all know the Roku device, whether we talk about the basic version of Roku or its streaming stick all versions hold the different functionalities. As we know there are lot several competitors in the market, and if we talk about the streaming devices and set up boxes, then Roku is people’s favorite device. Roku is the uncomplicated way to stream your favorite content to you television and consumers gave and still giving praise to this name because of its facile functionality. How many of you struggling with the issue of private listening? If you’re hearing pops then follow the below-given steps.

roku remote not working

If your audio is stuttering or you’re hearing pops, try the following:

  1. Try stopping and start your private listening session by pressing the icon of headphones on the remote screen so you can deactivate and then press it again to reactivate private listening.
  2. Start your router again, please note by doing this you will lose your streaming connection for a moment while your router again establishes a connection.
  3. Lastly, try to make a connection between Streaming Stick and 5 GHz wireless networks and your mobile phone to the 5 GHz wireless network.
  4. If the Wi-Fi Multimedia (WMM) get supported by your wireless router, turn off the WiFi Multimedia (WMM) feature on the settings page of the router, it may improve the audio performance or simply you can contact the manufacturer of the router.

If you see no change in your issue, then you can navigate to Roku’s official website. You can even get in the touch of professionals in case you find no accurate solution, you can even ask for various problems as well such as Roku Not Working or how to fix the Roku Error Code 014 etc.