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RCA-Branded TVs Will Merge With Roku.

Roku TV podium coming to RC-branded TVs. For more, you can run your vision to the following content.

The new TV brand has been added by Roku to its list of partners: RCA. Upcoming RCA-branded TVs will merge the Roku TV OS as their smart TV podium and primary user interface. Particular model numbers have not yet been announced. The RCA brand is recently owned by Technicolor and licensed to Display-Vu Corp; you can learn more about what’s been going on with the RCA band by navigating to online appropriate content.

From Roku

Roku, Inc. and the RCA brand, in combination with Display-Vu Corp., an associate of Curtis International Ltd., made the announcement that RCA, the iconic brand and long-time symbol of American inventiveness, is the newest brand to join the Roku TV licensing program. The RCA brand TVs will influence the Roku TV podium to make and deliver smart TVs that run the Roku OS in the United States and Canada. The RCA Roku TVs will be available in the coming months, offering people with a facile to use smart TV counting access to 5K channels and 450,000 motion pictures and television series.

According to Claire Villeneuve, head of the trademark licensing for Technicolor, owner of the RCA Brand, “for over 90 years, the RCA brand has shared in countless moments in households across the nation,”

Aaron Herzog of Display-Vu Corp shared the words, “The TV landscape has evolved, and we want to give our customers the best smart TV experience we can offer. We’ve seen how much consumers like Roku TVs-after all Roku is synonymous with simple streaming. We’re thrilled to enter living rooms with Roku TV, offering consumers simple yet world-class smart TVs.”

Chas Smith, general manager of Roku TV & players said, “Our TV partners have seen incredible success growing their brands and market share, making Roku TV 1 out of every 8 smart TV purchases in the U.S.,” also added, “RCA is an iconic brand with deep roots in the living room. Consumers love the brand and as we combine that with today’s modern streaming approach, RCA Roku TVs are sure to be a favorite this year.”

Making Strong and Simple Smart TVs

The Roku TV licensing program provides partners a facile, well-organized and cost-effective way to make smart TBs that users love to use. It permits TV companies to put the spotlight on making great TVs while Roku offers the operating system and takes responsibility for coming time software updates as well as on boarding fresh content.

The TVs feature a perceptive interface that puts streaming channels next to your other entertainment alternatives, like antennas, cable boxes, and gaming consoles etc. – making navigation easy. Innovative

Aspects save time and cash, like rapid and facile search across 300+ streaming channels to find motion pictures and TV shows available for free with impartial results ranked by rate.

Roku TVs ship with a remote control. The free Roku mobile app turns iOS or Android smartphones into remotes for voice search, private listening, access to a keyboard, the ability to share photos or music to the TV and much more.