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Popcorn Time Fixes An Issue That Prevented Watching Movies On Chromecast

The Popcorn Time application for Chromecast has encountered an error which is really annoying the users. This can be due to some technical error and it prevents watching of your favorite movies. Though, the company provides an excellent Chromecast Setup procedure, but there can be chances that you may face some issues. Here are some of the tips that can help you in resolving the issue:

Restart the device and reinstall the application:

The first way to fix this issue on Chromecast is to restart the device and make sure that you have completely uninstalled the application from your device. Once the restart is done, try to download and install a fresh copy of the application. Once you have installed the application, you must again reboot the device in order to apply the necessary changes. You can now check for the resolution of the issue and again try to open the application. It would be working fine and in case it does not, you can take help from the Chromecast Support service providers as they have a better knowledge about the product. Also, make sure that you have a proper internet connection and if there is some issue with the data transfer rate of your internet, you must contact your internet service provider immediately.

The best way to resolve the issue in just a couple of minutes:

If the above procedure does not work in your case, then you must follow the procedure which is given as follows:

  1. Firstly, visit to a folder named ‘applications’ and then right click on popcorn time, click on show the contents of the package.
  2. Now you must navigate to ContentsResourcesapp.nwnode_modulesChromecast.js file.
  3. Now you must right click on the file named “pt-media-reciever.js” followed by opening it using text editor.
  4. Further, you must Change the number on the file ‘887D0748’ and switch it with the name as DefaultMediaReceiver.APP_ID.
  5. Make sure that the line reads as PopcornStyledMediaReceiver.APP_ID = DefaultMediaReceiver.APP_ID;
  6. Now you must restart the application and it will be perfectly fine and you can enjoy your favorite movies without any interrupt. Please note that you must enter the correct details as provided above in order to resolve the issue.

How to get the best support services from the official service providers:

In case you feel that you are unable to deal with the issue at your own and you will require an expert advice, you can freely reach to the customer care service providers for help. You just need to visit www Google com Chromecast Setup and there you will get detailed information regarding the installation and other helpful tips that will eventually help you in resolving the issue. Moreover, you can also seek direct help from the service support technician. For this, you will have to click on the contact us link and then you can have a chat session with them. Alternatively, you can get instant assistance on any of the issue that you are facing by calling on the helpline number of the service support team. This helpline number is provided on the website and can be reached easily. Furthermore, the Chromecast help ensures proper satisfaction among its valuable clients and they will resolve any of your issues in just a couple of minutes.