Apple TV

One of the biggest features of Apple TV is in-built screen savers. Let’s see how you can view these screen savers on your Mac

Apple TV has a lot many features and one of them is in-built Aerial screen savers. These screen savers include beautiful flyover videos of major cities, natural wonders and landmarks. These videos no doubt look wonderful on your TV but if you will be able to see them on your Mac, wouldn’t that be wonderful? Thanks to the developer John Coates as you can do is.

Aerial which is a project of GitHub is a free mac OS screen saver that will give you the experience same as Apple TV on your Mac. To use it go to www Appletv com and download it. After downloading it double click on Aerial. Saver for installing it.

From there go to System Preferences > Desktop & Screen Saver > Screen saver and Aerial will be listed at the bottom there after the in-built Mac screen savers. For previewing it click on the right and select the Screen Saver Options to configure it. Use Apple TV Support for more information and details.

Here the Aerial for Mac is better than the version included in the Apple TV SetupThe screen saver option of the Mac allows you to choose the video that you would like to see based on the location and the time of the day. If you have attach your Mac with multiple displays, then you can configure Aerial to play diverse videos on each display. This will turn your desk into a visual delight. You will enjoy Aerial screen saver more on your Mac rather than your TV as Mac has comparatively better visual effects and screen saver options. This makes viewing of screen saver more interesting.

Another interesting about Aerial for Mac is that it automatically pulls the latest flyovers videos from the servers of Apple. As Apple keeps on adding content so experience will always be up to date. For this you need OS X Mavericks or even newer version and there is also a Windows version from Dmitry Sadakov for Aerial for Mac. These latest versions will make you enjoy the slowly drifting scenery regardless of the platform that you are using.  You take assistance from Apple TV Help