Know the easy way to add Airplay on your Fire tv

Know the easy way to add Airplay on your Fire tv

Are you enjoying streaming with your fire tv? If you are the fine holders of fire tv, then you must be having the amazing streaming experience. By providing the astounding features and enthralling services, the mighty Amazon’s digital player has actually become a key entertainer for all the worldwide users. Apart from the fire tv, if you have also got the kindle fire tablet on your side, then you can simply head to the Kindle fire support to resolve any kind of issues with better assistance and solutions.

Being the fine product of Amazon, the fire tv has continuously been involved in raising up the standard of the device by adding many new features and services to the list of the device. This is the reason, the fire tv has played a key role in providing the satisfactory entertaining experience to all the users.

Apart from being a fine product of mighty Amazon, the fine fire tv is actually an Android-based device, which actually means that the device uses the Fire OS, designed by the Amazon for specifically for all its devices. It sounds pretty great to have a special OS for all the device, but it has also got some kind of limitations to the functions of the device. If you are one of the Apple users, then you can relate to the functionality issue, as those users who wish to add up the Airplay (suite developed by Apple) to the fire tv can’t do it. But, having the handy Amazon fire Tv stick ensures the enhancing of fire tv functionality in a better way. As it has got the ability to download the files other than all the available files on the app store of Amazon. If you got any tech issue with your fire stick, then you can simply go to Fire Stick Support to get the expert assistance and solutions. Now, let’s head on to the way to add up the Airplay suit with the fire tv.

  1. Firstly, you need to link the fire tv stick to the TV. After that unlock the Safari browser on the iPhone and head to com and then sign in to the account.
  2. From the Safari browser, simply come down by scrolling and then click on “Go to Full Site” button.
  3. Now, head to the Search Bar and then enter “AirplayUpnP”. Simply head to purchase the $2.99 app which is known as “Airplay Receiver”.
  4. If you go to the extreme-right of your iPhone, you will get a “Deliver” button. Just tap the button on the file and send it to the fire tv.
  5. Now heading to your TV, go to the Settings. After this, head to My Account and then click “Sync Amazon Account”.
  6. After the sync has been completed, just head to the app library on the tv and then tap on the Airplay receiver. Head down and enable the Airplay. Note that you can easily add on more than one device.
  7. Now unlock the Control Centre on the iPhone. After that tap the Airplay and then choose the type of TV device. Simply enable the mirroring and you will be able to mirror the iPhone to the Amazon Fire Tv stick.

All in all, you don’t worry about the limitations, as the fire tv stick is quite capable of downloading various apps and can use the features of a fine app like Airplay. If get any tech bug with the fire TV, then simply navigate to Amazon Fire Tv Support to get the professional assistance and tech support.