Know About The Launch Date And Specifications Of Chromecast 4K


Google released Chromecast 2 in 2015 that does not support 4K videos. This is disappointing factor for Google. In the world of changing technology and science, it’s the time for company to upgrade to Ultra HD playback format. Download Chromecast in the device and enjoy the digital media services.

The google is going to launch the chromecast 3 and 4k later this year with upgraded features.

Google Chromecast:

It is a media player that is attached to the HDMI Port of smart TV. You can convert your normal TV into smart one with the help of this device. The Chromecast works on the Wi-Fi network. You can cast videos, music and apps to the TV with the internet connection. There is facility to mirror the computer screen with the help of Chromecast extension download. You can connect your computer screen with TV. You can directly open the browser in your TV. This is the cheapest method of casting. Just get Chromecast download PC in your computer before starting with the direct casting.

Features of Chromecast 4K:


There is no clarification regarding the name of new Chromecast but probably it will be Chromecast 4K. This is a device that will support 4K HD contents. Coming to the features part: the display resolution in terms of pixels is 3840x 2160. This is almost 4 times more than the pixels of full HD TV. The normal HD pixel resolution is 1920×1080. Chromecast download in your device allows you to view the high quality videos with crystal clear sounds.

The important thing to note here is that you need to require 4K support TV that can play such formats of videos. These are costlier than the HD TV. But now the prices are slashed down due to more competition in the market and it has become common in the market due to its year ago launch. You can purchase it in less than $800.

After purchasing both the equipment for setup, you just have to get Chromecast app download in your mobile. This app act as a remote control for your device. You have to go to various music or video apps from the main app and click on it to watch the live contents and videos from it onto the TV. You can stop, play and forward the songs through mobile. There are some channels, which includes 4K videos, you can subscribe to these channel in order to play ultra-High videos from it. The size of these videos is more than the normal videos and it takes time in loading if your internet speed is slow. It would be better to opt for internet connection with good bandwidth so as to enjoy seamless videos on the big screen. Take for example of Netflix channel, you can subscribe to the ultra-High quality videos and movies by paying additional $3 with normal subscription charges. Google Chromecast download and YouTube is the another option for 4K video playback.

Price of Chromecast 4K device:

The exact price of this device is still not known but it will definitely match with the price of second generation and original Chromecast. These are cheap devices, you can get it just for £30. The additional feature of ultra HD support may force the google to add some pinch in its price. Google will definitely keep the price below £50.

Release Date:

When do we expect its launch? If we put some light on earlier launch then original one was launched in 2013 and the next generation Chromecast was released on 29th September, 2015. So if we study logically then we can expect its launch in 2017. But with the boom of Ultra high videos in the market this product may launch this year only. Chromecast free download option for the customers attract more and more customers towards its service.

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