Just Follow Some Steps To Enjoy Hulu Plus On Your Vizio TV

hulu plus activate

Now, It has become possible for all the Vizio TV users to enjoy Hulu Plus app on their TVs. There is need to follow the simple steps for installation of Hulu Plus on your TV. You need to create Hulu account and link that to your TV with the help of internet connection.

Hulu Com ActivateWe want to mention important thing here that you can’t connect your App to the Vizio TV directly because there is no such functionality available on the TV. For this, you have to purchase and connect any media streaming player to your TV.

Hulu Plus app: If you want to want to hook up your Hulu.com sign in with your Vizio TV, then there is an app system named ‘Via’ through which you can connect to the Hulu app. There isn’t any subscription fee to subscribe this app. However, you need an internet connection for this whole process.

If you are signing up for the Hulu Plus app for the first time, then you can’t open the app directly. First, you need to open the Hulu.com Activate link from the browser, then enter the code in the app.

Connecting to the internet via Ethernet

  1. Connect both the ends of the Ethernet cable to different devices.
  2. Connect one end to the router and other to the TV Ethernet port.
  3. Light your TV and press the ‘v’ button from the TV remote.
  4. Click on HDTV source from the list of available sources.
  5. Now, to check the network speed, click on ‘test network’ button. The test will begin and after few minutes the result will get displayed on the screen.

Connecting to Hulu activate via wireless router

  • Hulu ActivateNote down the passkey of your wireless router on the page as it is required for authentication of the device.
  • The second step is almost same as that of the previous setup process I: e, Press ‘V’ button from remote after turning on your TV.
  • Tap on a network and wait until the Wi-Fi network gets displayed on the screen. Select the network and click ‘ok’.
  • Now, enter the password for your Wi-Fi connection, which you have noted earlier by using the on-screen keyboard. Once the connection gets verified, you can start using it.
  • Click to test the network speed of your Wi-Fi network. if you are having good downloading speed, then the ‘successful’ message will be displayed on the screen.

Downloading and installation of Hulu app

  1. Press the ‘V’ button from TV remote.
  2. Go to ‘via’ from the app bar.
  3. Search for Hulu Plus app in the ‘via’ system.
  4. Once located, download the app and start installing it on your device.
  5. Enter the Hulu activation code in the space provided to log in to Hulu app.

Set-top box or console box

hulu plus activateIf your Vizio TV doesn’t support ‘via’ app system, then you will be required to connect the streaming device to your TV, which supports Hulu app. You can purchase any streaming media player of your choice. If you are unsure with the list of supported device, then go to the official page or Hulu com slash Activate link. Devices on the top of the list that support Hulu app are:

Microsoft Xbox, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Nintendo both versions and Sony PlayStation 4.

Connection setup for computer

In case, you want to setup the whole process on your computer or want to manage the contents from both devices, then visit ‘Hulu manage devices’ and connect your computer to the TV. Install Hulu app on your computer and start casting the contents from computer screen to the TV screen without any hassle.

Steps for connecting the computer to the TV are:

  • Connect one end of HDMI cable to the computer output and another end to the input of your TV.
  • Turn on both the devices and enter the information for login to Hulu app.