Invade your living Room with Roku

Invade your living Room with Roku

As the prices are dipping under $30, the streaming video stick of Roku is becoming a massive hit. There are some things that you should know about your Roku.

Roku has the magical power of turning your TV into a smart device, that is best for streaming. It means you will never be out of stuff when it comes to the content that you want to watch. So, let’s open the magical box of Roku and get started with it.

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The low price of Roku is a steal and you can keep rolling your savings by watching the free apps provided by Roku. Here we have got some of the favorite free apps by Roku.

Best Apps that are Free



This is an outstanding free app offered by Roku. It automatically provides you the local news that is based on your location and it doesn’t cost you even a penny. You can catch the live broadcasts or even watch on demand, it means that you will get news that is relevant to you as per your own schedule. You have another wonderful option of marking your channels as favorites. It means they will come on automatically whenever you will next launch your app. You can browse through featured stories that have been neatly categorized. You will always stay up to date with 175 stations in 110 markets and the viewership of 260,000 viewers, who also use this easy to use the app for getting the quality news.

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Want to have an app that will offer you free movies without any subscription? But you will say that sign up must be required for this. We will say if you will use Crackle then no sign up will be required for anything. You can watch all your favorite movies without sign up and subscription is enough for making Crackle your favorite app. Hollywood hits like Apollo 13, Joe Dirt for Me, and Big Daddy can be watched hassle free with Crackle. You can also watch classic hits, kids special, latest movies, comedy movies, whatever stuff you want you will get here. Occasional commercial breaks are also there in between movies.



You might be aware of this. When it comes to music YouTube is a preferred choice. You will never get bored if you will have an easy and free access to YouTube app. Roku helps you in this and gives you an easy and trouble free access to YouTube content. You can listen to a wide and huge range of music. Your friends will also like this when you will give remote to them to scroll for their favorite videos.

Best Apps for which You have to Pay Subscription

You might have access to many of these channels by signing up. Like Netflix, for this, you just have to download Netflix Roku channel and then sign in to get your favorite content of movies and TV shows. Amazon Prime TV, it’s prime subscription includes an easy access to a massive range of movies and TV shows. Download Amazon Video app, log on to it and watch whatever you like. Premium channels like Showtime and HBO can be watched on Roku without the need of any cable. Though monthly subscriptions are there but you will also get their free trials.

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Smartphone App

Roku app on smartphone or tablet is the real game changer. It will convert your smartphone into the remote for your TV and its keyboard to search the content. You will have to keep remote as an extra remote but you will not miss it.