How Videos Can Be Send To Chromecast On Your Android Device?

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With your Google chromecast you can not only stream the content of your choice but also share the content like music, videos, movies, Tv shows, and even your photos on any device whether Android or iOS. Let’s check out how you can send videos to Chromecast on your Android device.

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Chromecast, the little $35 Tv streaming device of Google, keeps learning new tricks Here’s god one that will let you play videos from Android phone or tablet on your TV.

Most people know Chromecast Tv because it lets you easily stream Netflix, YouTube and other video services to your TV using your phone as a remote control. With a little help from a new Chromecast plugin for the popular ES File Explorer File Manager app, as reported by Gizmodo. It can also send videos stored on your Android gadget to your big flat screen.

ES File Explorer is not the first app that is offering this functionality, but it does look one of the best. I took it for the spin and was very much impressed by the results. With other apps, I have seen a lot of fitful stutters and stops, or dropped connections. This one held its connection well for video along with the songs also.

The ES File Explorer app itself is already a pretty handy file manager for Android devices, one that puts the folder structure of your photos and its memory card, if you have one, no view. Now with the ES Chromecast plugin, the combination makes easy and stable work of sending videos, music, and photos to the TV.

Here’s how you can use this:

  • To start, download the ES File Explorer app and it’s free to download.Chromrcast Help
  • Open a video, song, or a picture inside the app.
  • Click on the play icon at the top right. It looks like a triangle set inside a phone. It will tell you to give you the option to download the ES Chromecast plugin again.
  • Once you have done that, head back again to the app.
  • Now touch the icon with the three dots in the upper right and pick your Chromecast from the drop-down menu.
  • You may need to click the play icon beside it again.

Now when you want to switch between playing the file on the mobile device or on the Chromecast, just touch the play icon. You can control pausing and skipping from your Android phone or tablet. The stream doesn’t just work for the video either. Local casting of songs and photos work from your Android phone or tablet too.

In my test, the screen flickered for a moment, then the casting action kicked in like a champ. The whole process, including download, took seconds.

The Google Chromecast was not actually intended to run off a local network for this type of direct streaming from gadgets, so it is a nice surprise to see an app that makes it work so well.