How To Troubleshoot The Issue Of Running Netflix Streaming Video On Internet Explorer?


Watching a Netflix videos through internet explorer requires installation of Microsoft Silverlight in your computer. If you are facing any issue while running Netflix streaming media or installing a silver light then go through this blog post. You may face the multiple issues like:

  1. Unable to view media from Netflix com activate.
  2. Unable to install or uninstall the Silverlight.

The resolution to these issues is discussed below:

Step1:  Check that you are running the latest version of silver light or not. Follow these steps:

  1. Click on start and search for silver light. Open Microsoft Silverlight.
  2. The version should not be lesser than 5.0.61118.0.
  3. Install the latest version from the official Microsoft link.

If you still facing problem even after installing the correct version of Silverlight then follow the steps to rectify the problem:

  1. Log onto your system using administrator by closing all the windows including internet explorer.
  2. Go to start and find internet explorer. Right click on it and run as an Administrator.
  3. Confirm allow if prompted.
  4. Now check the free Netflix with Silverlight if it has been resolved or not.

To adjust the date and time if needed, follow the below mentioned steps:

  1. Click on the clock placed at the bottom right of screen.
  2. Change the date and time.
  3. Set the correct format and date then click ‘ok’.
  4. Now check If the Netflix com login issue has been resolved or not.

You need to turn on the InPrivate browsing to check if the issue is fixed or not. To turn on the InPrivate browsing do the following:

  1. Click on safety in your browser then click on InPrivate browsing.
  2. Open the InPrivate window in new tab.
  3. Press the ctrl+shift+p
  4. Test Netflix now with Silverlight or go to www Netflix com to start streaming video.

Sometimes, adding Netflix activate to the trusted websites may solve the streaming issue. To do this, pursue with the following:

  1. Click on Tools in internet explorer and press on internet options.
  2. Select the security icon.
  3. Click on trusted sites and uncheck the verification box.
  4. Delete the Netflix related data from the field.
  5. Type Netflix com in the website zone, then click on Add.
  6. Check whether the problem has been resolved or not.

The application storage must be enabled in Silverlight. To enable this follow the below mentioned steps:

  1. Type Silverlight in the search box under start option.
  2. Click on Silverlight from the list of available programs.
  3. Open the application storage.
  4. Check mark the ‘enable application storage’ box.
  5. Now test the Netflix again.

Remove all the temporary files of Silverlight from the window 7 or vista version by using the below mentioned steps:

  1. Close all the tabs including explorer window.
  2. Click start then open my computer from here.
  3. Open the C: drive and click on user folder.
  4. Open the username related folder.
  5. Open the application data folder.
  6. The app data folder may be hidden by default so you need to unhide the folder by clicking on organize a folder menu then folder and search option. Click on ‘show hidden files and folder’ and press ok.
  7. Open the Microsoft Silverlight folder.
  8. Right click on the folder and confirm delete.
  9. Try to run the Netflix now.

If you are using window XP in your system, then clear the temporary files from the Silverlight by using the following steps:

  1. Close all the opened windows including internet explorer.
  2. Press the window key and alphabet ‘R’ on the keyboard simultaneously. You will find Run window screen.
  3. Type ‘user profile’, then click ok.
  4. Open the app data. This may be hidden in your computer, you can unhide by using the above mentioned procedure.
  5. Open the Silverlight folder then right click on local files and delete the folder.
  6. Test the Netflix on your computer. Visit www Netflix com activate link, if the issue is still not solved.