How To Resolve These Three Common Apple TV Issues?


Being a user of Apple TV if you’re struggling with these three common technical issues, then here we have facile troubleshooting steps for you.

Apple Tv Setup

How to Fix Apple TV WiFi Problems

Apple TV Wi-Fi issues are one of the most general problems that you are struggling with. This could facilely be linked to your home Wi-Fi network or it could be that your Apple TV is too far away.

General Apple TV WiFi issues include;

  • Can’t find WiFi network
  • Unable to join WiFi network
  • Can’t access the Internet on Apple TV
  • Frequent disconnects and buffering.

To resolve these issues, first, step ahead to Settings > Network and see if an IP address is displaying up.

If there is no IP address you require to power your router off for a 60 second and start your Apple TV again.

www AppleTv ComTo restart your Apple TV, you need to step forward to Settings > System > Restart. To power cycle, your router, unplug it from your power.

In cases where your Apple TV links to Wi-Fi is not staying linked or continuously waiting to download more of a show, you may have a not so good signal. You may need to shift the Apple TV out of a cabinet or shift your router closer. You may need to look for a whole home Wi-Fi system as well. You can also take Apple TV Support by getting in touch with professionals.

How to Fix Apple TV AirPlay Problems

AirPlay lets your stream your iPad, iPhone or MacBook screen to your television. It’s an amazing path to use the TV as a display when it works. This is a useful tool, but one that can cause of various issues.

The first thing to do if you cannot use AirPlay is not ensure your iPhone and Apple TV are on the similar network. If you link to a separate one by accident or your iPhone is on cellular it won’t work. Navigate to Settings and see if your home Wi-Fi network shows up on both of your devices.

Apple Tv HelpAnother problem is that you may not see the AirPlay logo in the video app you wish to stream. If that is the case, the app may not support AirPlay. This is general some sports apps and in some television apps where the company does not permit you to view on a big screen.

In cases where AirPlay stutters or lags, it could be that your iPhone is too far from the Apple TV or that the lag is related to streaming instead of to AirPlay.   If that’s not the case check the settings of your Apple TV. You can also check to see if AirPLay is enabled on your Apple TB by stepping ahead to Settings > AirPlay and ensure that the aspect is turned on. Remember if you don’t want to mess with the issue then you can take Apple TV Help by experts.

How to Fix Apple TV Video Problems

If you unable to stream content via apps or there are other video issues you are not alone. Occasionally there will be the video without audio or audio with visual.

Before you take any radical options, start the stream again. This may resolve the problem in just a few seconds. If that does not work, ensure the HDMI cable Is linked to the both ends if possible try a separate HDMI cable.

You can check the Apple TV resolution as well. To change the resolution that your Apple TV displays, step ahead to Settings > Audio and Video > Resolution.

Rest you’re free to visit www Appletv com for more update and technical support or simply get in touch with professionals.