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How To Permanently Delete The Google Chromecast Notification?

If you have reached to the irritating mode with the Chromecast notification, then you should check out these steps to permanently remove it.

All Chromecast users, how is it going with your streaming device? In the current scenario, Google Chromecast has become an instant source for streaming a list of best videos, songs, or even just a picture from the device to another device such as a wireless speaker system or a TV. All you are required to do is to connect your Chromecast to your home WiFi network, and with some few clicks, your content easily gets streamed from your tablet or smartphone. Still a new user? Just head to the experts to get the professional help regarding the Google Chromecast setup.

Well, Google felt that they can make the things much convenient by adding the media player controls as a notification on the device. The feature got enabled on every single Android device which is linked to the same network. Still, it doesn’t matter if the device access the same account as the one which is used for the streaming or not, the linked devices on the same network always gets the media control notification.

If you live alone, then this could be convenient for you or just trust everybody in the house for not getting involved with whatever you are streaming. So, this feature has become a reason for getting upset with the streaming device. Well, Google has added a way to prevent from having the notification to appear on your device. But, it will require you to disable the feature on the device that was just streaming itself.

Apart from disabling the feature, which was uncool to most of the users, as there was a chance that it could get enabled by any of your known ones. Well, Google has just removed that barrier, and now you can permanently delete the media control notification on the Chromecast. Check out the steps below to do it-

Disabling The Google Chromecast Notification-

  1. Firstly, head on to launch the Google Home app.
  2. Now, just click the linked devices icon at the top right side of the screen.
  3. Head on to locate your device in the question.
  4. Now, just click on the 3-dot menu icon at the top right side of the feature image.
  5. After that, head on to click on the settings option in the drop down menu.
  6. So, you can easily turn off the “Let others power your casted media” option.

In this way, we can disable the unwanted media notifications on our Chromecast Tv device. But, it is available for only specific devices. It will be a great solution for all those people who have got multiple numbers of devices and didn’t require to view the media controls notification on all the devices.

Apart from this, we can easily head into the Google home app and then prevent the notification of the stream from getting broadcasted to all the linked devices. It’s hard to understand why Google didn’t apply this from the start and we are also unaware why Google decided to add the stopgap solution previously. Either way, it’s a nice thing that the company got the feedback from the community and added the method into the Google home app.

As you are aware that the Chromecast settings are being tied up to a particular Google account, your known ones would not be able to download the Google Home app and enable the feature on their own. So, until they get the access to your device to enable the feature, there is no requirement to get tensed about your obvious ones and the media controls which is appearing on their devices.

If you get any difficulty in removing the media notification on your device, then you can head to Google support team to get the experts guidance and assistance.