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How To Access The Best Roku Private Channels?

On your Roku platform, you get a massive range of channels including private channels also. We have round up the best of the Roku private channels and will reveal how you access these channels on your Roku streaming or Roku Tv devices. Let’s check out.

Roku Not WorkingIf you have or planning to have Roku streaming the thing that will make overwhelmed by channel choices. Roku has a massive range of channels or you can say apps in Roku’s language. Roku has both public and private channels and today we have come up with a guide to access these private channels.

Private channels are those which are not approved and released by Roku, but are still available for adding directly to your Roku player. These channels are either private developer channels being tested before the release or they are not appropriate like naughty adult only sites, they have released privately for specific users.

Best Roku private channels 2017

For installing the private channels on your Roku Tv, simply make your way to your Roku account online, login and choose the option of Add a private channel. After that enter the code for that channel, which can be found on website of the channel. Then you need to wait for 24 hours for the channel to appear on your Roku, but it should update and appear on home screen automatically. Here are some of the private Roku channels:

cCloud TV

this channel might have the dubious legal standing, but it allows you to stream live TV channels that might otherwise are not accessible. All you need to do is to add this channel to your box and enjoy while it is running.

FilmOn Official

Another best option for watching films and Tv shows is this Film On channel. This channel offers a planet of channels and all are available via online streaming connection of Roku. This pulls almost 600 channels and more than 90,000 on demand titles in all. Tis channel is free.


This channel lest you watch live NASA feeds right on your TV. Even you will get the added bonus of the from international Space Station to enjoy.

Nowhere Scope

If you are a fan of Periscope, the live video streaming platform then you need to have Nowhere Scope on your Roku player. This channel lets you watch the live feeds that are put by people on Periscope.

Update my channels

This is once installed will allow you to access a way of quickly refreshing your Roku right there from within main menu and without going through lot of menus.

Roku Link Code

This is the source for accessing the channels of public domain. It means e legal access to classic TV, movies, music, short films, animation, and more.

Radio Reference

There is a radio and then there is a radio reference. With this private channel, you can listen to air traffic control, amateur radio, police scanners, and more.

Nowhere Vine

This channel lets you watch Vine videos right there on your TV through Roku. Make sure that you are ready for this as pulls the six seconds’ clips randomly.

Speed Test

There is a channel that will check your connection via its servers along with your connection with Netflix Tv too. It is a great way to find the best time of the day or night to get a quick feed.

iTunes Podcast

This channel lets you access all your favorite podcasts so that you can enjoy them through your TV, or whatever your Roku is plugged into.