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How Can You Fix The Group Delay Playback On Google Chromecast Audio?

If you have a Google Chromecast audio and you are facing a group delay playback, then here is the way to fix out the delay playback.

All Chromecast users, how are you doing with your Chromecast streaming device? Being one of the major products of Google, the Chromecast device has been the well-performing device for the tech giant in the category of streaming devices in the market. By delivering the best features and functions of the Chromecast device, Google is on the way to expand its Chromecast family in the households of all the users around the globe. New users of Chromecast can head to Google Chromecast setup for setting up their device properly.

With the Google Chromecast, you must be streaming your favorite bunch of content on the big screen. But, if you are willing to have a fine audio experience, then you can head on to the ultimate Chromecast audio, which is a member of the chain of Chromecast devices. Apart from having a personalized experience, you can also have the group playback experience. And to enjoy the group playback, all the speakers are required to play in a complete sync.

But, there is the possibility that the various speaker models that are compatible with the Chromecast audio could have the inherent playback problem due to the design. And any playback delay with one speaker can cause the group playback to sound out of sync. To fix out this issue and render an ultimate group playback experience, the Chromecast audio has got a setting to put all the speakers in the sync.

Important tip: For the most number of speakers, the issue of delay playback is for short span of time so that group playback could be in the sync without any more adjustments. And you must not head for adjusting the group playback correction unless you will face a consistent delay problem. Head on to check the “Tips for the group delay correction” in the further detailing.


  • The setting of the group delay correction only put the adverse impact over the group playback. Going to this settings won’t affect the when you head for the casting to a single speaker.
  • The adjustments to the Group delay correction should only be made at the time of casting to the group. This directly permits you to head for the changes that you have made immediately.

Now, check out the steps to fix the issue-

  1. Firstly, head on to unlock the Google Home app.
  2. After that, head on to the top-right corner of the home screen and then click Devices to view the availability of the Chromecast Tv Audio devices and Chromecast built-in speakers.
  3. Now, again head to the top-right corner of your device that you wish to fix out the group playback delay, and then click the device card menu and then Settings.
  4. Head to find out the Group delay correction, and you will witness the current delay. For adjusting the delay, head on to click Group delay correction.
  5. Now, you will have to stand between the out-of-sync speakers and then try out to adjust the volume levels so that you can easily listen both of them playing at the similar level.
  6. Just head to move the slider from left to the right to help in fixing the issue and correcting the speaker’s delay.

Note: The setting for the group delay correction will get applied to all the groups that the speaker is an integral part. If you head to link a Chromecast audio device to any another speaker, the previous setting of the group delay correction could get incorrect. Ensure to reset it to “0” delay again to view whether there is any requirement of the additional correction or not.  Still, if you get any query, you can freely head to Chromecast help for experts assistance and support.