Hopster launches on Roku platform

Hopster launches on Roku platform

The immense platform of Roku now holds the Hopster channel for your kid with educational programs and fun games. Being a user of this amazing device if you scuffle with any technical mess such as Roku Not Working or some specific error then contact the professionals.

Hopster, the app that will be helpful for kids, so they can learn via the shows and games. According to the announcement it has launched a channel on the platform of Roku streaming in selected territories. If you’re already using this well-liked streaming device then for any precise help you can visit Www Roku Com Support or simply contact the experts.

The global, ad-free preschool entertainment platform will be available to millions of active users of Roku in the United States, Canada, UK and Ireland, and with a localized French language app, in France. Developed with minor fingers and huge thinkers in the brain, the Hopster channel for Roku devices is not only colorful and jolly but is designed to be facile-to-use as well and instinctive for the young users.

Used by more than one million families globally, Hopster has been making screen time a win-win for children and guardians on mobile, tablet and selected televisions since 2013. It has been named ideal streaming video podium by kid screen and has topped the App Store charts in more than 36 countries. For any Roku Update, you can stay tuned to Roku’s official website.

Striking the ideal balance between learning and joy with its games and educational programming, Hopster prides itself offering guilt- free entertainment for preschoolers without ads or inaccurate content. Hopster features an amazing line-up of popular shows such as Peppa Pig, MOsnter Math Squad, Reading Rainbow, Super Why!, and Teletubbies etc. Although content will vary nation by nation, while on the app, children will only ever view shows that are not just fun, but also foster their development. All content available on the Hopster podium is carefully selected to help the Hopster Discovery Learning Map- a bespoke timetable for preschool learning.

Nick Walters, CEO at Hopster said, “Roku has been taking the streaming media market by storm with its great quality and affordable devices. So we are delighted to be launching on the platform,” and later he added, “We believe that it’s important that kids can have access to a reliable, safe and ad-free app where they will only ever see the best learning content. We hope that by reaching millions of families via the Roku platform, we will help parents relax guilt-free, knowing when on Hopster, their little ones will always learn and discover something new.”

Bob The Builder

Ed Lee, Vice President of Content Acquisition at Roku also shares his words, “Hopster is a great addition to our streaming line-up, offering a wide variety of streaming entertainment for kids from classic nursery rhymes to Bob the Builder and Caillou. By choosing Hopster, parents can assure their little ones get to watch entertainment that they approve,”