Grab the best 4 Netflix documentaries on money based theme

Money for Nothing Inside the Federal Reserve

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It has been an amazing journey for the streaming service across the worldwide boundaries. By producing many original series, the streaming service is still exploring its rich content under different categories. Apart from new users, there would be hardly any user who didn’t have explored the content of the fine streaming service. If you are on that rare list of new streamers, then you must need to go to your account by heading to Netflix.Com Login, through which you can explore the classic range of content under the belt of unique categories. Being a potential user, you must have been exploring the dynamic sections of the streaming service. But, besides the movies and tv series section, there is also the fine section of the documentary, which has got the best collection of documentaries. If you are a stable employee in any company, then you should definitely grab these 4 fine money based documentaries.

  1. Money for Nothing: Inside the Federal Reserve– The 2013 documentary focuses on the 100 years of the history of the Federal Reserve and its consequences on the US Economy. The whole documentary has been narrated by Liev Schreiber. It also showcases the interviews of traders, economists, historians, and investors to put up the questions regarding the financial scenario of the global system.
  2. Hank: Five Years from the Brink- The documentary showcases the story of a former CEO and secretary of the Goldman Sachs, Hank Paulson, who convinced the banks, presidential candidates and Congress to sign $1 trillion as the rescue package for the financial system of U.S in global economic crisis(2008). It was made under the direction of Joe Berlinger (Academy award winner). The documentary also reflects the balance of Paulson and his wife to maintain the marriage and the leadership in complicated situations.
  3. Inside Job– The documentary features the narration of the book of Matt Damon about the 2008 global financial crisis. With the bunch of interviews and thorough analysis, the documentary is one of the best documentaries for those people who usually struggles with their financial condition.
  4. Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room– The documentary evaluates the huge fraud execution by Enron and discovers how the financial delinquency in the company was a kind of evidence in the year 1987.

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