Google Home support is going to knock the door of LG MusicFlow speakers

Google Home support is going to knock the door of LG MusicFlow speakers

LG’s MusicFlow lineup of wireless speakers is on its path to receiving Google Home and Google Multiroom support. The speaker lineup already did the announcement with support for “Chromecast built-in” (Google Cast), and now with the two latest aspects arriving up, the LG MusicFlow lineup will become entirely integrated with Google’s wireless multimedia aspects. Being a fresh user of Chromecast you can grab the accurate setup procedure by visiting Chromecast Com Setup.

For all those thinking how LG will add the latest support to its existing lineup? Well, the company will be pushing an over-the-air (OTA) software update. In 2015, LG MusicFlow speaker’s series was launched, and it could be named as a well-liked one among audiophiles. However, the people have been waiting for the Google Home support for quite some time. A support note from LG states that the company has been associating with Google for pushing the update for Google Multiroom and in the lane, it decided to bring support for Google Home as well. All the LG MusicFlow units will get the update, for the old and the latest range both.

Announcing the fresh inclusions to the MusicFlow lineup, An LG staff member jot in a forum post:

“We have prepared Google Multiroom functionality. During preparing for that, we also discuss with Google team about Link with Google Home device function. And, we decide to update two major functionalities, ‘Google Multiroom’ and ‘Link with Google Home device’ at the same time.”

As soon as the update goes live, users of Chromecast will catch the LG MusicFlow in the carried devices option. With Google Home support, MusicFlow users will be able to use nifty voice-controlled aspects such as manage playback, and volume control etc. of Google Home. And with Multiroom aspect, users will be able to use Chromecast via a smart device or any other device to cast or stream media to multiple MusicFlow speakers. Once again for the appropriate steps of setting up you can visit Www Google Com Chromecast Setup or simply contact the professionals.

Particularly, LG’s MusicFlow isn’t the only lineup that will soon get support for Google’s multimedia services. Another user’s electronics makers, VIZIO, did the announcement of the integration of Google Home support to its range of SmartCast devices like SmartTV, and Soundbars etc.

There’s no announcement for the software update arrival that will bring both the latest aspects on MusicFlow, but LG staff member jot that the update is likely to release before the end of the coming month. For any technical help or Chromecast Set Up procedure you are free to get in touch with professionals.