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Fix up the Wi-Fi issue on your Roku 3

As we all are familiar with the facile and ideal functionality of Roku, those haven’t purchased this streaming device, they should but it today. Roku let you stream your favorite entertainment via different well-liked and famous streaming services such as YouTube and Netflix. Those who are new to this streaming device they can get the procedure of setting up by getting in touch with professionals and experts. Well, we noticed that many users facing with different errors on this streaming device as well, there are several issues, but here we are focusing on Wi-Fi connection issue.

If you’re one of them, who are facing the same problem can follow these steps:

  • Incorrect Wi-Fi Login Information:

If there’s an issue in your Wi-Fi connection then maybe you’re filling up the incorrect information while login. Kindly check the information and fill it accurately.

  • WiFi Out of Range

If you’re a user of Roku 3 player and find that your device is not connecting to Wi-Fi, it is possible that Wi-Fi signal through the router is not in range. In order to strengthen the signal, keep in mind no object or wall coming between the connection of your router and streaming device. Try to keep away your outer from the basement, near the window or any electronics that may disturb the connection.  Don’t place your router in enclosed areas, otherwise, signals will get blocked. You could re-orient antennas of router towards the device as well. For most dependable connection, you may link the Roku 3 directly to the router through an Ethernet cable.

  • System Needs to be Rebooted

It may be essential to reboot both the Roku 3 player and the router. Unplug the both devices and wait for approx. five seconds before you plug it back. Now try again wireless connection setup.

  • Wrong IP Address

If your device is unable to link to your network, you need to check your IP settings for your wireless connection. Under Settings, navigate to Wi-Fi and select your network settings. If the process to obtain the IP address is set to “manual”, change this to “automatic”.

So these are some simple steps, you can try to resolve your specific issue. It doesn’t matter whether you are struggling with Roku Error Code 011 or Wi-Fi connectivity issue, Roku professionals will give you the accurate direction and succor. For more information, stay tuned to the Roku’s official website