Fix it out, if your Roku is not getting power

Fix it out, if your Roku is not getting power

What’s going on Roku users? Hopefully, you all are enjoying the smooth functionality of your popular streaming device. Those who are already using this device, we no need to tell them the amazing functionality of this device plus its amazing features. As we know one side if this device holds praise and popularity then on other hand many users are facing various types of technical messes on it. Alright, let us know that how many of you are facing the power issue on your Roku? If you’re one of them who’s Roku player is not getting power on then follow these simple steps. Maybe these steps offer you better fixation.

Roku Not Connecting

If the power connector is plugged into the streaming device and you’re unable to view any video on your TV, follow this direction to determine if you player holds fault.

Look for a LED light on the front of the Roku.

No, I don’t see a LED light.

  • If you’re unable to see one, try plugging the power supply into some other outlet.
  • If still, you see no LED light, make a pause and get in touch with Roku professionals. Whether your Roku is not getting power or Roku Not Connecting, you will get the fine assistance from experts.

Yes, I see the LED light.

  • If now your vision can catch the LED light, you can verify it is performing by tuning to the accurate TV input and looking for video content. If you’re confident about it that TV input is right and need assistance troubleshooting this problem, you can ring up the professionals.

In rare cases, your eyes may catch the LED light in a constant flashing state.

  • If you face so, try plugging the supply into some another outlet.
  • If by attempting this step you see no change or the continue flashing, then stop and you need to call the Roku professionals. If your streaming device is still under warranty.

 So there some simple troubleshooting directions for you, if you find these steps didn’t bring any change to your Roku device then you need to get in touch with Roku professionals and experts for the fine assistance with the appropriate guideline.