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Facebook’s Video App Launches on Apple TV

After announcing its plans for the video app earlier this month, Facebook finally this evening further expanding the reach of its video tentacles, officially released its video centric app on fourth generation Apple TV Setup. This will let users to watch on-demand and live videos on their big screen HDTVs.  Facebook considers the app as a key source for the greatest and latest video content and this launch on tv OS came a day after its launch on select Samsung smart TVs. The company also termed it as a new way of enjoying Facebook videos on a big screen. After spending some time with this new app, it seems that it will be a big hit for those who want to strip out everything but video from their feeds of Facebook. For more details, you can take Apple TV Support.

Facebook for Apple Tv will be simply known as Facebook video in the Apple Tv App Store. Like other apps, you can log in to Facebook video case from your mobile phone devices. This free app for Apple TV will let the users to watch videos from their friends and pages that they follow. It will also display recommended videos that will be based on your interests along with top live videos trending on the Facebook.

Once you have setup, the app will take you on a home screen that displays several rows of music videos including videos that have been shared by your friends, videos recommended by you, your saved videos, recently watched items, clips from the pages or people that you follow on Facebook, and popular Facebook live videos. Apple TV Help can be taken in case of any difficulty.

Each row displays titles that represents different videos and when you will stop at a specific title, then it will start auto-laying with sound. For going on full screen on any video, you will need to tap the Siri remote. Whenever a video will be finished, a countdown timer will start before playing the next video. When you are watching anything on full screen, you just need to swipe up for seeing related videos. For selecting info and settings menu, you need to swipe down from the top. From settings tab, you can enable, captions, reactions, and comments and all of them are turned off by default. The info contains the options of going to channel of current video, add he current video to saved list along with the option sot hide or report a video hidden behind the button of More. When you return to home screen, scroll up to the top and swipe one more time for getting the main menu which is similar to other Apple Tv apps. From here you can easily go to home tab to profile tab. There is also a option of settings, but it only includes the option of logging out and sending feedback. Apple Support Apple TV can be taken for any kind of information.

The video app of Facebook has been envisioned as a lean back experience that will let you watch an endless stream of videos from the news channels, and home videos by your friends. Due to this reason it lacks the search function.

This is the second attempt by Facebook to put its videos on TV. You can visit www Apple tv com  and clear your queries and get any information.