Do You Know The 12 Things That You Can Do With Your Roku Device?

Roku Device

So you got the latest Roku device and curious to know its hidden tricks that you have not been used so far. Here’s the solution for you. You can explore your player to its full potential after reading this blog post. We are going to tell you about the 12 things that you didn’t know about your device. We have also brought the steps like how to sort the channels or change your TV screen to fire place. Check out all the 12 things below and let us know if you liked the blog post or not.

  1. Rearranging the streaming channels: When you add any new channel then it will automatically arranged on the screen by default. You can move according to your preference by clicking on asterisk button from your remote. For further assistance, you can go to Roku com link.
  2. Add a theme to home screen: There is option to change the theme of your Roku screen. You can try the free themes or recently added themes on your TV screen by getting into settings>themes.
  3. Screensaver for your TV screen: you can apply the different screensaver for your TV screen under settings. One more option to access the screen savers is through Roku com screensaver.
  4. Use mobile as remote: Download the Roku app from the play store on your mobile and use it as a controller for Roku device. You can use mobile keyboard for typing the certain text and searching for particular contents otherwise Roku devices come with physical remote but if you want to get rid of it then you can download app for your ease.
  5. Use voice search without remote: You can use the voice search option to find the TV shows, movies and actors from almost all channels. This feature is available in all the models through Roku mobile app. Go to www support Roku com link for detailed information and support. Roku mobile app is supported by all the android and apple based OS.
  6. Rename: You can rename your Roku device if you are using more than one Roku device at home. In order to differentiate the two you can rename one device of your choice. Go to Roku. Com and enter the details for login in to your device then edit the details.
  7. Instant replay option: Have you missed an important dialogue in a movie due to lack of clarity? No need to worry, click on replay button from your Roku remote and listen to the dialogue again along with the subtitle.
  8. Record aired contents: Other than channels, Roku allows you to access the free to air channels. Moreover, you can record and pause the program via Roku device. You need to set up Roku account before using over the air programs.
  9. Mirror your phone screen: you can watch the local contents of your mobile phone like browser, photos and other available contents on the TV screen with the help of Roku device. You just need to download the extension for android and window devices in order to cast the contents on big screen.
  10. Stream music and photos from the mobile:  ‘Play on Roku’ feature in Roku mobile app allows you to stream the music files and photos from your mobile. All the contents saved in your mobile phone will be played on TV screen via Roku interface.
  11. Cast from YouTube and Netflix: You have option to cast the contents from the channel like YouTube and Netflix, provided your mobile phone and Roku device must be connected on the same Wi-Fi network. You will get Roku link code for accessing the videos from these apps on your Roku device.
  12.  Increase the storage capacity: You can increase the storage capacity of your device so as to store more and more channel information by inserting a memory card in microSD slot. You can save the video files and other contents in this memory card.