Difference between Google Chromecast and Chromecast Ultra

Chromecast Ultra

As we all know the Chromecast Ultra, now why this latest version of Google holds the price tag of $69 and what’s the difference between Chromecast and Chormecast Ultra? Here we have the reasons and differences.

If we talk about latest Chromeast Ultra, then it holds the price of $69. This cost is almost double if we compare this latest version with previous Chromecast. We no need to tell the amazing functionality of Chromecast, and those who are new to this device, can simply step ahead to Www ChromeCast com Setup to know the set up process.

Now, what’s the difference between Chromecast Ultra and Chromecast? You’ll all be thinking that what’s the reason behind that latest Ultra holds that much price. Well, here’s the difference, first of all, Ultra high-definition or 4K content is the major aspect that bumps the Chromecast Ultra above the regular Chromecast. Users can watch 3840×2160 whereas Chromecast provides 1920×1080. Now you can imagine the content that you will stream from well-liked online streaming services like Hulu and Netflix. If you’re a Chormecast user, then you’re free to take ChromeCast help, in case you’re facing any technical fault.

Chromecast Ultra vs Chromecast

You won’t only get the high definition video but it supports high dynamic range video as well. HDR video not only holds more pixels than standard quality 1080p but each and every pixel can cover an immense and grainy range of color and light result and if you have a TV that can handle it then literally it looks amazing.

Ethernet Alternative

The Chromecast Ultra includes an Ethernet adapter, so you can plug the device directly into your router or modem directly so you can get the strongest fastest network connection. Streaming video is pretty dependable over Wi-Fi if you have an ideal router, but if you’re connection is wired then it ensures, even more, speed and dependability, and that can be the key between whether Netflix actually delivers a 4K HDR signal to your TV or whether it choke down to 1080p because it thinks that’s all your network can manage. For more useful information you can visit Www ChromeCast com as well.

More Power

According to Google, Chromecast Ultra holds good speed than the Chromecast.

The answer is an unequivocal no if you don’t have 4K TV. If you do have a 4K TV, (supports HDR) that’s a different matter totally. On paper, the Chromecast Ultra grasps good power and supports fine video quality, but as we know the price of Ultra, putting it firmly in reach of non-budget streaming media devices such as 4K-capable Roku Premiere.