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Catch These Amazing Movies On Hulu Platform

Being a user of Hulu we recommend you stream these amazing movies on your Hulu platform. Once take a glimpse at these movies and decide which one you’re going to watch?

The Conjuring 2

If you want to see the creepy paranormal activities, then you shouldn’t miss this movie on your Hulu platform. In the movie you will see, a woman named Peggy Hodgson, a single mother of four children tells the exorcist couple that something evil is happening in her house. Later they all come to know about an evil demonic nun Vlak. We recommend you don’t miss this scary content on your Hulu.

Dear Mr. Watterson

If you’re into print media or if you’re fond of newspapers world then you shouldn’t miss this amazing documentary, ‘Dear Mr. Watterson’. This movie is a beautiful journey, which will take you the world ‘Calvin and Hobbes’ and Bill Watterson is the creator of this comic strip. What are you waiting for? Go and stream out this movie on your Hulu platform. Just fill your credentials and stream this move and if you’re new to Hulu and facing difficulty in getting Hulu Activation Code, then you can get in touch with professionals for the better help.

Over the top

If you’re a diehard fan of Sylvester Stallone then you shouldn’t miss this amazing movie, the movie is about Tough trucker Lincoln Hawk, who want to grab the triumph and credit of world arm wrestling champions. As we all know that Sylvester Stallone just looks perfect in the character of a fighter and if you don’t want to miss his motion picture then watch it out on Hulu.

Fire in the Sky

Alright if you’re into alien stuff then this movie is for you. In the movie, you will see five men are coming to home after completion of their woodwork. Suddenly their eyes catch the strange blue light on the sky. The flying saucer takes away one man out of them, and when he comes back after five days, he tells about his experience with the aliens. We recommend you don’t miss this fantastic movie and if you haven’t activated this streaming service yet, then we suggest you navigate to Hulu Com Activate and grab the accurate procedure of activation.


Well, the story of this movie is really different. You will see how a boy get frustrated from his parents and takes the decision to leave his home. The boy just leaves home and start his journey around the world in search of new parents for him. If you don’t to miss this unique story, then don’t miss this movie on your Hulu platform.